Friday, December 11, 2015

#Friday Review - Mind Magic by Eileen Wilks (Urban Fantasy, Romance)

Series: World of the Lupi # 12
Format: Paperback, 404 pages
Release Date: November 3, 2015
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Source: Library
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance

FBI agent Lily Yu’s mind is a dangerous place to be in the latest Novel of the Lupi…

Thanks to the mind-speech lessons she’s receiving from the black dragon, Lily is temporarily benched from Unit Twelve—until her brain acclimates and the risk of total burnout passes. At least she has her new husband, lupi Rule Turner, to keep her occupied.

But when her mentor calls in a favor and sends Lily to a murder scene, she’s suddenly back on active status—despite the hallucinations she can’t keep at bay. With one touch, Lily knows the man was killed by magic, but her senses don’t warn her how far the conspiracy goes…

A shadowy force within the government wants to take Unit Twelve down, and they don’t mind killing to achieve their goal. With none of her usual resources, Lily is up against impossible odds–because with her mind in disarray, she can’t trust anything she sees.

Mind Magic is the Twelfth installment in Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi series. A series that is a mix of urban fantasy and romance. Mind Magic opens with Wilks introducing readers to the next key contestant in the fight against the Great Bitch. Her name is Demi (aka Danny) McAlister, and she is also a touch sensitive like Lily. Unlike Lily, Demi has some major skills when it comes to hacking a certain government agency, and then disappearing into the woodwork. 

Demi is such a breath of fresh air and is almost fierce in her determination to save the day. She has Asperger's but it doesn't hold her back. She's been called misguided, and squeamish just because she won't fall in line with a villains machinations. She will do anything to save those like her who have been manipulated into doing bad things. Plus, she's a huge fan of Rule Tanner and the Lupi, and her relationship with the Lupi is just plan fun to read about once they finally team up.

Mind Magic returns to telling the story of FBI Special Agent Lily Yu and her husband Rule Tanner. Lily is a touch sensitive who is also a member of the FBI's Magical Crimes Division and the secretive Unit 12. Rule is Lu Nuncio of the Nokolai Clan and RHO of the Leidolf Clan. Tanner is also a secret member of Unit 12 along with Ruben Brooks who has been learning how to be a Lupus and the Rho of the Wythe Clan. 

Lily has been training with Dragon Sun Mzao to learn how to mind-speak. This training hasn't exactly gone well for Lily. In fact, she has been experiencing hallucinations that have sidelined her until she can get used to her new abilities. Lily is tasked by Sam to travel to a small town in Ohio. He doesn't say why. He doesn't say what's important. He says jump, and Lily and Rule do so quickly. While Lily is away and finding things aren't exactly what they seem, things back in DC are spiraling out of control. 

One by one Rule, and Ruben's enemies are making a major move against them. One by one, they are forced into situations that has them backed into the corner. Mind Magic really does push the limit on what a Government like ours can do if there is no control over their actions. This agency goes full bore against the lupi, as well as their dragon allies. I loved that Mika plays an important role in this book, and see that the next book once again has Dragons at the center of the story.

Readers who may want to pick up this series, should expect to read the books in the order as they were released. The author picks a character and a villain and pushes that character every way but loose. She then wraps up the story in a way that is mostly satisfying. BUT, each book also connects to the war against the Great Bitch, an evil entity/goddess that is nearly impossible to defeat. A war that has been brewing for Twelve books now, and I honestly think it is time kick some Bitch ass and move on!

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  1. I've gotten behind on this series. I need to get caught up soon.