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Saturday #Review - The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny #2) by Jeaniene Frost #Paranormal #Romance

Series: Broken Destiny # 2
Format: Hardcover, 320 Pages
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Source: Library
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The breathtaking second novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Broken Destiny series finds Ivy and Adrian rekindling their alliance—and passion—as the struggle for the fate of the world begins…

Conquering a supernatural realm turned out to be easier than getting over a broken heart. But her initial victory has made Ivy a target for revenge, forcing her to reunite with the dangerous—and dangerously sexy—Adrian. Ivy isn't sure which will be harder: finding the hallowed weapon that will repair the crumbling walls between the demon and human realms, or resisting Adrian, who's decided that come hell or high water, he will make Ivy his.

At first, Adrian tried to resist his feelings for Ivy. Now, determined to break the curse that dooms their love, he's vowed to save her and to have her. If only he can persuade her to forgive his past sins. But defying destiny—and surrendering to the smoldering desire between them—will bring consequences and sacrifices they never imagined…

The Sweetest Burn is the second installment in author Jeaniene Frost's Broken Destiny series. 21-year old Ivy Jenkins is the protagonist of this series. It has been 5 months since Ivy learned that minions and demons really do exist. 3 years since The Beautiful Ashes was released, but hey, who's counting! A demon was responsible for killing Ivy's parents, and stealing her sister Jasmine away to a demon realm. Ivy has learned that she is something special, and number one on the demon hit list. 

She is apparently the last descendant of King David aka the Last Davidian. She has since took possession of the fabled slingshot that David used to slay Goliath. Ivy now wears a tattoo on her arm. The tattoo, when triggered by a demon, or minions presence, allows her to gain access to David's slingshot. She met and fell hard for Adrian, who was raised by demons, an especially powerful one at that. After rescuing Jasmine from the clutches of Demetrius, who has caused Ivy all sorts of issues, she found out that Adrian failed to tell her about her true destiny. The betrayal still stings. 

Now, two months later, there still hasn't been any word from Adrian. Ivy, Jasmine, Costa, and Brutus (the 9 foot Gargoyle given to Ivy by Adrian who is disguised as a seagull) have been living in Miami for the past 2 months training and preparing for her next mission. As the last Davidian, Ivy is supposed to be able to wield the most powerful demon killing weapons, which includes the slingshot. With the walls between dimensions weakening, and demon realms spilling over into the human reality, Adrian returns just as Ivy is attacked by several demons. 

Now that Adrian is back in her life, Ivy must confront her feelings not only for Adrian, but for her own apparent destiny as well. Ivy isn't all powerful. She is still a human being regardless of any powers she may have come into. She has to make a dire choice to either save millions of innocents, especially those trapped in the demon realms, or sacrifice her own life by using one of the most powerful artifacts ever made. Moses Staff. As Ivy is attuned to hallowed objects, this job should be easier than making a pie right? Dream on Alice. Especially with Ivy and Adrian still having issues, and Jasmine and Costa along for the ride. The fun is just getting started, and if you think the author is going to take the easy way out, you really need to read the first installment before jumping into this story.

Apparently the next installment, The Brightest Embers, is releasing later this year. We shall see if the publisher pushes it back again, as they did this book.

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