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#Review - A Shifter's Heart by Raven Steele, Ava Mason #Fantasy #Paranormal

Series: Rouen Chronicles Book #10
Format: Kindle, 313 pages
Release Date: October 29, 2019
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Source: Kindle
Genre: Urban Fantasy
“You set my heart and soul on fire.” 

Someone has taken Briar’s most valuable belonging: the Abydos, ancient blood that in the wrong hands can destroy the world. Briar and Angel race to get it back but a dangerous creature leads them on a hunt that nearly gets them killed. 

Through it all, Angel tries desperately to get Briar to feel what he’s always known to be true: they are soul mates. But Briar’s heart is too battered and bruised to feel the truth. 

If Briar can't reconcile her feelings for Angel, she won't just lose the Abydos but something far more valuable: true love.

A Shifter's Heart is the 10th installment in co-authors Raven Steele, Ava Mason's, Rouen Chronicles. The story picks up right where A Vampire's Battle finished. Briar (Isabella Moretti) has been betrayed by Luke who told his mother, Trick, where the location of the Abydos was. Trick and her second took the blood and ran. What she, nor Luke understoood, if the blood falls into the wrong hands, the world will be on the brink of an apocalypse. Imagine her anger at Luke for being so careless knowing how important the blood was to her. 

Briar's family protected the blood for many years before her entire pack was annihilated by someone searching for the blood. But, Briar has no time to wallow in hurt or self-pity. The Phoenix (Ivona) is still around causing untold damage to Rouen. A dangerous portent involving Briar, Samira, and Lynx which is supposed to lead to an evil known as Trianus rising from Hell is still on the horizon. Briar will have to get her emotions under control quickly and hunt down Trick and the Abydos before someone else gets to it first. But, with Angel going with her on the hunt, her emotions are exactly what are tested.

New characters appear in this story. A character called Shade is first. Shade is a rare Ghoul who wanders the earth searching for a willing body. He needs the blood to help with the transition. Therefore, Angel and Briar end up using Briar's connection to the Abydos, as well as his own gift of seeing the future, to hunt down Shade and the blood. If the blood falls into Ivona's hands, she will use it to raise Trianus from hell. The couple's journey takes them to places of both Angel and Briar's past which leads to some interesting action scenes. 

This also includes Coast City where Angel and Briar meet with Aris's father. Over the course of this adventure, Angel gets his first real attempts at telling Briar why they are supposed to be together and not Luke who I haven't trusted in a very long time. It's interesting to me that almost everyone from Adelaide, to Mateo, to Samira, to Lynx, knew that Angel and Briar had a connection and belonged together. 

The book is actually filled with lots of sex scenes which is not unlike Samira's third installment with Mateo. This book bridges Samira's trilogy with the beginning of Lynx's. I am concerned at the direction the series seems to be taking. Especially reading the end of this book. It is apparent that Lynx has major secrets to reveal. Readers of this series have known that she's powerful but is she really a friend? It is apparent that Shade as well as another new character who just happens to be a vampire hunter, will continue to appear in the next 3 books.

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#Review - Supernova by Kass Morgan #YA #SyFy

Series: Light Years #2
Format: Hardcover, 368 pages
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult / Science Fiction

Tensions are rising between the Quatrans and the Specters, and the Quatra Fleet is gearing up for an epic fight. With a galaxy on the brink of war and loyalties divided, the friendship of four cadets will be tested.

Orelia has been arrested for espionage, and her future is looking bleak . . . until the Quatrans make her a surprising offer that could save her life--and the lives of everyone in the galaxy.

Reeling from his breakup, Arran finds comfort in a sympathetic boy from Loos, someone who understands how hard it can be to fit in. But is it enough for Arran to forget his heartbreak?

Cormak's position at the Academy is finally secure. But when someone discovers his treasonous secret, it jeopardizes everything he's fought for, including his relationship with the person he cares about most.

And Vesper is ready to become a superstar officer . . . until she uncovers a conspiracy that shakes her faith in the Quatra Fleet to its core.

As secret machinations come to light, these cadets will be forced to overcome their differences and band together to restore peace to their worlds.


Supernova is the second and final installment in author Kass Morgan's Light Years duology. The story picks up right where the first installment left off and once again features (4) main characters; Orelia, Arran, Vesper, and Cormak. This story moves away from the classroom setting to the real world with real world implications. So, to summarize, Orelia has been arrested for espionage for being a Specter spy and transmitting the location for the secretive Quatra Fleet Academy. Days ago, Cormak's squad foiled a Specter attack on the Academy thanks to Orelia. 

The squad included Vesper, and Arran. They are being heralded as heroes, but things quickly change. Vesper, who devoted 5 years of her life to enter the Academy, now must face another challenge. She and Arran are assigned a new ship without Cormak and Orelia where they nearly meet the harsh darkness and cold of space after their ship is attacked. Or was it? Cormak, who is not really Cormak, is worried that someone now knows his secret and his time at the Academy could come to a quick ending. His relationship with Vesper which was on solid ground, is now sinking rapidly thanks to Cormak being threatened with blackmail and holding back on telling Vesper who he really is.

Even though Orelia is on thin ice, she is still tasked by Admiral Haze to open peace negotiations along with Lieutenant Zafir Prateek with the Sylvan aka Specters. Even though her role is mostly symbolic, when all is said and done, it could be the most important role of a lifetime which could lead to a long sought peace. Arran, awarded the Medallion of Valor, now finds himself assigned to a new division where he is supposed to help analyze what happened to his ship when it was attack, and whether or not it was really an attack, or sabotage. Arran's heart is torn after what happened in the first book, but encounters another who is more like him, than his ex.

This book quickly moves between characters. I dare say that the two most important characters are Orelia and Arran while Vesper and Cormak have to deal with a possible traitor and a threat to what promised to be a great moment in history for both races. Can the former teammates rally together once again and not only save the galaxy, but the relationships that have developed along the way? When Cormak's secret comes out, will Vesper accept him, or will she run back to her old flame  Can Arran finally find happiness, or will it be just out of reach due to bigotry and intolerane? And, will Orelia be forgiven for her secrets by her friends, or will she face even more difficulties when she returns to her people?

In the end, the first book was by far the strongest. The villain in this book was identified by me almost from the start. One of my favorite characters in this book is Vesper's mother Admiral Haze. She's a remarkable and insightful character who risks her career for a shot at lasting peace. She knows that a majority of her peers absolutely believe the story about who attacked whom 15 year ago that bred bitter hostilities. She gives Orelia a chance to prove herself, instead of ordering her execution. And, yes, it was pretty predictable that the four would somehow manage to once again step up and deliver.

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#Review - Rebel by Marie Lu #YA #SyFy

Series: Legend (#4)
Format: Hardcover,384 pages
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult / Science Fiction

Eden Wing is a brilliant student. He’s about to graduate a year early from Ross University of the Sciences, with honors, and already has an internship lined up back in the Republic. But most people don’t introduce Eden this way. Instead, they say, “This is Eden, Daniel Wing’s younger brother.”

Ten years ago, Eden’s brother Daniel was known as Day, the boy from the streets who led a revolution that saved the Republic of America. His name was spray-painted on walls, his profile splashed on both rebel pamphlets and wanted posters. He went from being a hunted criminal to a national hero in less than a year.

Day has spent the past decade piecing together his memory of his time in the Republic, pretending to enjoy life in Antarctica’s capital, Ross City , and quietly hiding out from the world—even if it’s meant giving up June, the great love of his life. As long as he can keep his little brother safe, that’s all that matters . . .

But Eden isn’t safe. As the two brothers struggle to accept who they’ve each become, they grow more distant from one another than they've ever been. Eden finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into Ross City’s dark side, until even his legendary brother can’t save him. At least not on his own.

When June suddenly steps back into Day’s life, rekindling the flames of their romance, the pair team up to do whatever it takes to rescue Eden. But like the rest of the world, they may have underestimated Eden—what he’s capable of, where his loyalties lie, and how hard he’s willing to fight for what he believes. 

Rebel is the fourth installment in author Marie Lu's Legend series. In fairness, I did not read Life After Legend which was apparently released in conjunction with the author's Waycross story and bridges Champion and Legend. The story takes place in Ross City, Antarctica. 10 years ago, Day led a revolution that saved the Republic at the expense of his memories. This book also tells the story of Day's younger brother Eden Wing who is graduating at the top of his class with an advanced degree. He's an absolute genius.

Eden was a victim of the Republic's cruelty which has left him skittish when it comes to dealing with bullies. Fighting ends up getting points deducted from your account. Daniel has gone from one of the most wanted criminals in the Republic to working as an agent for Antarctican Intelligence Service hunting down criminals. Eden is totally opposite his older more famous brother who is considered to be a legend. They moved to this domed, high-tech city because it is supposed to be the new perfect system. Unfortunately, the system isn't at all perfect. 

Everyone can earn points for doing something good for the community, while losing points for cheating, stealing, fighting. The more points you have, the better access you have to the finer things in life. It all seems like a great system. But there are secrets. There is an underworld of people who have few or no points, and it is impossible for them to raise themselves. Eden and his best friend Pressa, are about ready to participate in an illegal drone racing event in the Undercity with a model that Eden designed himself. Eden impresses which leads to him getting involved with a very bad man.

Dominic Hann runs the underbelly of Ross City. Daniel and his team has been trying to find and arrest him for a long time. He always seems to be one step ahead at all times. Little does Eden know, but he and Daniel are about to head for a major confrontation that will eventually lead to June, who still works for the Republic, and Daniel working together once again to save Eden from Hann's manipulations. Unfortunately, the brothers are hard headed. They don't communicate all that well. 

Daniel still thinks his most important job is to protect Eden from anything evil. Eden just wants Daniel to trust him and let him grow up and use his talents. Daniel is still having issues with memories lost years before, and the girl who he once saw briefly. Eden is a remarkable young man who is about ready to do his internship in the Republic. Ultimately, it might be June who is the glue that brings the brothers back to the fold once again. June doesn't appear in all that many scenes, but it reminds readers why June and Day are fated to be together despite everything that has happened. 

Perhaps this book was written for the fans. But, let me say that I do not see any further need for another book in the series. The ending leaves no room for more exploration of these characters.

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#Review - Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo #Thrillers / #Supernatural

Series: Alex Stern # 1
Format: Hardcover,480 pages
Release Date: October 8, 2019
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Source: Library
Genre: Thrillers / Supernatural

Galaxy “Alex” Stern is the most unlikely member of Yale’s freshman class. Raised in the Los Angeles hinterlands by a hippie mom, Alex dropped out of school early and into a world of shady drug-dealer boyfriends, dead-end jobs, and much, much worse. In fact, by age twenty, she is the sole survivor of a horrific, unsolved multiple homicide. Some might say she’s thrown her life away. But at her hospital bed, Alex is offered a second chance: to attend one of the world’s most prestigious universities on a full ride. What’s the catch, and why her?

Still searching for answers, Alex arrives in New Haven tasked by her mysterious benefactors with monitoring the activities of Yale’s secret societies. Their eight windowless “tombs” are the well-known haunts of the rich and powerful, from high-ranking politicos to Wall Street’s biggest players. But their occult activities are more sinister and more extraordinary than any paranoid imagination might conceive. They tamper with forbidden magic. They raise the dead. And, sometimes, they prey on the living. 

Ninth House is the adult fantasy debut novel by author Leigh Bardugo. Bardugo re-imagines the secret societies at Yale to be teaming with dark magic, works of alchemy and the occult. 20 year old Galaxy "Alex" Stern is a HS drop out and a girl who got deep into drugs which ended up with her in a hospital and an offer that she couldn't turn down. Lethe House aka Ninth House, most notably Dean Sandow, promised Alex that if she could help them regulate the magic of the secret societies, she would graduate from Yale without any debt.

She's now a gritty, feisty Yale freshman who takes crap from nobody while also trying to get by as a student. As Lethe House's Dante, Alex keeps an eye on Yale’s 8 secret societies whose practice of magic to manipulate politics, the stock market and more is both chilling and dangerous. What makes her special? She is one of the rare ones able to see ghosts in color called grays. The same grays who have haunting her since an early age. What starts innocently enough, becomes a murder mystery when a Tara Hutchins, a townie, shows up dead on a street corner. When the easy answers don’t satisfy Alex, she realizes how seriously she takes her new job.

Alex's near obsession with finding the girl's murderer causes a series of events that test magic in depths that Alex never thought were imaginable. To make things even more interesting, Alex's mentor, Daniel Arlington, went missing after one of the houses prognostication. Could the two events be connected? If so, which house(s) might be involved? As we are reading the story, Alex gives hints as to what happened in the past that lead up to Daniel's disappearance. Alex's only real allies are a reluctant Pamela Dawes who is a occult grad studies student and Detective Abel Turner who is supposed to be centurion and help Alex whenever she needs the police involved. 

Turner and Alex are more antagonist towards the other than actual allies until she puts together a valid point to investigate. Alex is an instrument of justice, and doesn't care who she ends up stepping over in order to find the truth. I think this book does well to show Alex's induction into the ritualistic, privileged, magical underworld of Yale's secret society network as a member of Lethe, the designated gatekeepers and rule-enforcers of the societies. I think the ending leaves lots of room for exploration of many angles as to what happens next and if Alex can find a way to get Daniel back. 

As an FYI, Leigh is herself a graduate of Yale and a member of one of the campus’s oldest secret societies (which she declines to name). I think this fact gives the story a bit more of a feeling of actually being there in Alex's shoes as she walks the streets of New Haven, and explores the fabled secret houses of Yale which includes some American presidents, and others of Wall Street and others.

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#Review - Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh #YA #Fantasy

Series: Standalone?
Format: Hardcover, 480 pages
Release Date: November 12, 2019
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: Publisher
Genre: Young Adult / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

In this mesmerizing YA fantasy mash-up of The Road meets The Amazing Race, one girl chooses to risk her life in a cutthroat race in order to win her freedom.
In Lanoria, Outsiders, who don’t have magic, are inferior to Enchanteds, who do. That’s just a fact for Astrid, an Outsider who is indentured to pay off her family’s debts. She serves as the surrogate for the princess—if Renya steps out of line, Astrid is the one who bears the whipping for it.

But there is a way out: the life-or-death Race of Oblivion. First, racers are dosed with the drug Oblivion, which wipes their memories. Then, when they awake in the middle of nowhere, only cryptic clues—and a sheer will to live—will lead them through treacherous terrain full of opponents who wouldn’t think twice about killing each other to get ahead. But what throws Astrid the most is what she never expected to encounter in this race: A familiar face she can’t place. Secret powers she shouldn’t have. And a confusing memory of the past that, if real, could mean the undoing of the entire social structure that has kept her a slave her entire life.

Crown of Oblivion was sold as a standalone Young Adult Fantasy novel. Meet 17-year old Astrid Jael who is the story's protagonist. Astrid is indentured to the royal family as a surrogate to Princess Renya. Whenever Renya steps out of line, Astrid is the one who gets whipped. Astrid has no choice. She and her family are Outsiders, the lowest class of people, without magic or citizenship. In Lanoria, there are (3) types of magic: Cientia, Pontinum, and Projectura. Each indentured must serve at a minimum of 21 years.

After her father unexpectedly dies before getting the help he needs for his sickness, and to save her younger brother Marlon, Astrid enters the deadly Race of Oblivion. To enter the race, contestants are stripped of all their personal memories via a drug called Oblivion. They wake up outside the city walls with only a map with their name on it and their first clue. It’s not as simple as solving a puzzles, however, for a majority of the contestants, the race ends in death. Winning against 20 other racers isn't going to be easy. Not when people are trying to impeded the race.

Not when the Outsider Liberation Army (OLA) is declaring war on the monarchy and trying to lure Astrid to their cause. Now when she discovers that she actually has magic which is against the law. She is stalked by pesky journalists and the Enchanted Authority who have the overall say in who is allowed to have magic and who is not. The idea of the race is to find all of the clues and be the first to cross the finish line wins. That’s the only rule. Racers have killed each other in pursuit of the next clue, and the punishing terrain kills even more of them. This makes the Race similar to a blood sport reminiscent of ancient Rome.  

For Astrid, winning could mean her freedom as well as her brothers. Astrid's race is filled with twists and turns and a co-racer, Darius Kittering, who is more than Astrid bargained for. As Astrid's memories begin to surface, she remembers some things about Darius that makes her wary about trusting him. Darius will do anything to win. Astrid must decide what is more important: risking her life to remember the mysteries of the past, or playing a cutthroat game in order to win her freedom.

I have to be fair. I didn't like the way the book ended. There are several key plots that are left opened. I would have liked to see at least one more book to fill in those blanks. After all, we still don't know what is happening with her older brother. We don't know if her younger brother will be okay. We don't know if Astrid's status will be challenged by others, or they will just accept that she managed to outsmart and outwit almost everyone with little thoughts to her own bodies aches and pains. Alas, while this book is sold as fantasy, there are hints that this may be a dystopian world instead. There are trucks and motorbikes and trains. So, it's a world where both technology and magic co-exist.

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#Review - Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes #YA #Mysteries

Series: Debutantes (#2)
Format: Hardcover, 352 pages
Release Date: November 5, 2019
Publisher: Freeform
Source: Publisher
Genre:Young Adult / Mysteries

Think of the White Gloves like the Junior League—by way of Skull and Bones…”

Reluctant debutante Sawyer Taft joined Southern high society for one reason and one reason alone: to identify and locate her biological father. But the answers Sawyer found during her debutante year only left her with more questions and one potentially life-ruining secret. When her cousin Lily ropes her into pledging a mysterious, elite, and all-female secret society called the White Gloves, Sawyer soon discovers that someone in the group's ranks may have the answers she's looking for. Things are looking up... until Sawyer and the White Gloves make a disturbing discover near the family's summer home--and uncover a twisted secret, decades in the making.

No one is quite who they seem to be in this twisty, soapy, gasp-inducing sequel to Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ unputdownable Little White Lies.

Deadly Little Scandals is the final installment in author Jennifer Lynn Barnes Debutantes duology. Sawyer Taft moved into her Grandmother's home after she was offered a pretty amazing deal. In return, Sawyer was introduced to the world of the Debutantes and all the scandals that have been uncovered. This time around, the author does something a bit different. She actually goes back in time 25 years to the year of her own mother's Debutante year. If you have read the first installment, you know that Sawyer knew absolutely nothing about who her father was.

All she knew is that she's the result of her mother's teenage pregnancy pact with two other women one who lost her baby. Having discovered who her father really is through a series of hits and misses, Sawyer didn't expect to find friendship with girls who have their own scandals, & dangerous secrets (Sadie-Grace Walker, Lily Taft, and Campbell Ames). As I said, this story goes back 20 years to fill in the blanks, as it were, to what really happened and leads to even more curious mysteries. As the story opens, there are hints that something bad has happened to Sawyer and Sadie, but we have to wait until the last chapters to figure exactly what.

In the meantime, the girls are invited to join an exclusive group called the White Gloves. The White Gloves are thought to be Suburban legends until you actually receive an invite and are encouraged to participate in a series of challenges to see if you are deemed worthy. All is going well, mostly, until a skull is found during one of the challenges. A skull that dates back 20 years! Now we're cooking with gas! Who is the mysterious girl? And, why should we actually care? Oh, you should, you really, really should since it's a huge plot twist that you won't see coming!

Sawyer isn't finished with her Nancy Drew detective work however. She's still on the hunt for Ana Gutierrez, the other girl with her mother in the pact who disappeared. Sawyer knows that if she can find out who Ana's baby is, she won't be the solo member of the teen pregnancy pact. She will actually have someone else to understand how she feels. Sawyer's search uncovers even more dark and dangerous secrets which leads to her and Sadie ending up in mortal jeopardy, and even more understanding at how many things can go wrong if you dig too deep. 

I liked that this book kept moving forward and not stopping to pause for romantic interludes, although Sawyer & Nick have to resolve some pretty twisted issues thanks to Sawyer. Between the Lady of the Lake, the White Gloves, the affairs, the truth about what happened to Ana who hasn't been seen in 25 years, and the shocking surprise twist, there wasn't ever a truly dull moment. The flashback to 25 years ago was kind of boring for the most part. Until the final one which leads to a stunning revelation in the present.

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#Review - Flamebringer by Elle Katharine White #Fantasy

Series: Heartstone Series # 3
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Release Date: November 12, 2019
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Source: Publisher
Genre: Fantasy / Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Monsters, manners, and magic combine in this exciting final volume in the Heartstone Trilogy—an exhilarating blend of epic fantasy and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice—in which a fearless healer and her dragon-riding husband must stop a reawakened evil from destroying their world.

It starts with the inconceivable: Wydrick, sworn enemy of the Daireds, is back from the dead, possessed by a ghast that grants him immortality and inhuman strength. From the isolated northern mountains, Aliza, Alastair, and Akarra chase him into the dangerous Old Wilds, realizing too late that he’s led them into a blizzard. Before he vanishes, Wydrick utters a warning: A terrible, ancient evil has awoken, hungry for blood, and is headed their way.

The danger is closer than they know. The Tekari—sworn enemies of humans—are openly roaming the kingdom and are headed towards the capital, Edonarle. Then unexpected news arrives: riding like a dark dragon on the winds from the south, an ambassador from the Silent King of Els, has left the shores of the distant desert kingdom for the first time in centuries. 

Unknown enemy? Or unexpected ally? Plunged into a dangerous world of royal intrigue and ancient grudges, Aliza and Alastair soon realize it will take more than steel and dragonfire to save their kingdom. For the silence of Els hides a secret that could shake House Daired to its foundations, and the time has come to settle accounts.
Silence, it seems, is about to be broken.

Flamebringer is the third and final installment in author Elle Katharine White's Heartstone trilogy. This series started out as a homage to Pride and Prejudice but has become more of an epic fantasy novel. The story picks up almost immediately after the events in Dragonshadow. Having been warned by former Ranger Tristan Wydrick that a terrible, ancient evil has awoken, hungry for blood, and is headed their way, Aliza & Alistair Daired, along with Akarra the Dragon, attempt to fly thru a deadly blizzard only to end up stranded in the Rushless Wood.

The visit is marred by trees that have heartbeats, and a warning by a returning character from the previous novel, Johanna, who claims that the Daired's are cursed by darkness that is apparently following them everywhere they go foretold by a defeated Worm in the first book. Having had some deadly experiences in the previous installment, the Daireds and Akarra quickly make their way to Dragonsmoor Mountain where they attempt to convince the Dragons there to join in the fight against the growing darkness and the war to come. 

Aliza learns a history older even than the dragons themselves, as well as more about Alastair's family that sends Alastair himself spiraling. This really gives Aliza a chance to stand and deliver and prove that she's no longer a nakla (non-warrior) when it comes to being a Dragon Rider. Weary and battleworn from constantly having to fight for their lives, the Daireds head home for the first time in a month, only to find that the danger has followed them home. After protecting Aliza's sisters (Moira & Leyda) and her parents, they quickly travel to the capital of Edondale only to discover that things are even more disconcerting than previously thought.

Ghastradi have taken over key members of the High Court, places that store dragonhearts have been targeted, Ambassadors from the Garhad Islands and the Southern Principalities are eager to be joined by the Elsian delegation and hope for a trade agreement, and the secretive Shadow Minister, the Silent King of Els, arrives in pomp and circumstance and things soon move quickly towards even more danger for the Dragons, the Daireds, and the Riders. An enemy has waited 600 years to organize rebellious oldkind, discontented humans, traitors and those who have been betrayed.

The ancient enemy seeks vengeance, and it is the Daired's entire family that is targeted for extinction including Catriona, Edmund, Alastair, and Julienne. With the danger escalating putting everyone who Aliza loves in danger, she must join with a unique group of characters, including her own sister Anjey, to fight back before the city falls. The author isn't afraid to kill off key characters giving a bit more gravitas to the situation that Aliza and her allies find themselves in. For me, I think the ending fourth of this story was the best in the book. The action quickly escalated, Aliza had to move quickly on her feet to collect allies, and she never wavered in her determination to save those she loves. 

For the past 2 books, the romance between Aliza and Alastair was the main focus. This book focuses more towards the political aspects of the world that is quickly moving towards a war that nobody has answers as to stop it. This is a world of Arle is filled with beings like the Tekari who are hostile to humans (Nixies, Ghouls, Direwolves, Banshees, and Valkyries), Idar who are indifferent to humans (Trolls, Pixies, and Hobgoblins), while Dragons and Wyverns are called Shani since they are friendly to humans.