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#Saturday Review - Noir by Jacqueline Garlick (YA, Steampunk, Fantasy)

Series: The Illumination Paradox 2
Format: E-Galley, 372 pages
Release Date: September 22, 2015
Publisher: Skyscape
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: YA / Steampunk / Fantasy

Losing him would make her overcast world one shade darker.…

Navigating her way through nightmarish lands devoid of sunlight, Eyelet Elsworth races to free her beloved Urlick Babbit, the first person to understand and accept her—differences and all. Framed for murder and sentenced to execution, Urlick is running out of time. And the Commonwealth’s tyrannical new ruler, Penelope Rapture, is strangely eager to speed up the clock.

Aided by a band of unusual yet loyal associates, Eyelet stumbles upon a startling rumor. And as she unravels a secret that could challenge Penelope’s claim to the throne, Penelope vows to divert Eyelet’s journey—straight to a dark and deadly end.

In Noir, the second thrilling addition to Jacqueline Garlick’s Illumination Paradox series, familiar friends struggle against new and old enemies, shocking secrets come to light, and the truth that could save this captivating steampunk world is revealed…if it doesn’t destroy everything first.

Noir is the second installment in The Illumination Paradox series by author Jacqueline Garlick. The story picks up right where Lumière left off. Urlick Babbit has been captured, framed for murder, and sentenced to be be executed by the new Ruler Professor Penelope Rapture. Eyelet Elsworth, CL, Iris, and Cordelia try to put together a plan to rescue him before its too late. This includes allying themselves with CL's former Freak Show posse (Martin, Reeke, Sadar & Wanda). This also includes finding a way to make a horse fly and using various steampunk gadgetry to break Urlick out of his prison. The discovery of Eyelet's childhood fascination, the steam driven Elephant, just adds to the awesomeness of this story! 

Garlick actually alternates between FOUR characters POV's this time around. Eyelet, Urlick, Flossie, and C.L aka Crazy Legs, one of Urlick's inner circle. I dare say that Garlick escalates things in a major way in Noir. Both Eyelet, and Urlick find themselves fighting to not only keep themselves alive, but to save the other from events that far exceeded the original story. I don't have a whole lot to say about Urlick. Yes, he finds himself in a bad way. Yes, there are a whole lot of secrets about his birth that makes a whole lot of people uncomfortable, including Penelope Rapture. Yes, he truly loves and adores Eyelet and that romance just gets stronger as the story unfolds. But, in the end, he actually has something good happen to him, whereas the rest of the characters, including Eyelet struggle with life and death situations. 

I really, really felt for Eyelet. She truly faces the most challenges of anyone in this book. She is sent away to the madhouse called The Brink after being caught trying to rescue Urlick. The powers that be really have it out for the girl. Their obsession with Eyelet borders on the absurd at times. There is no way I am going to spoil what happens to Eyelet in the Brink, but I will say that it was painful at times to read. There is no way that anyone deserved to be locked up in that place where the walls are alive, and rotate constantly to prevent people from escaping.

Eyelet is also feeling the effects of her fathers machine, and unless she can get a hold of the cure that was created for her by her father, she will die. Eyelet is still one of my favorite characters. She's bloody brilliant in my opinion. I loved the way she found a way to make Clementine fly. I love that while she is slowly losing herself in the Brink, she didn't just give in and allow herself to be totally lost. She makes an ally in Livinea who ends up helping her more than anyone else. I loved that her love for Urlick has gone one step further than the previous novel. I do want to see where Garlick is going with Eyelet. It is obvious there is a whole lot more to come after THAT ending! 

But, a third party in the form of Flossie, may be the most important character in this entire novel. She holds something that Eyelet dearly needs in order to survive. (The cure vial). She, however, hates Eyelet. After all, Eyelet did leave Flossie to die. She schemes and manipulates and makes alliances with a major player in this story (Penelope) all to get Urlick back and a cure for what happened to her. Flossie is definitely a villain, but I have to say I kind of feel sorry for her after you discover everything that certain OTHER people have done to her. Whatever Eyelet did to her, pales in comparison. One does hope that Flossie finds a way to redeem herself. 

Noir is an enjoyable ride with action, suspense, danger, humor, romance, likable and dangerous characters. There are so many secrets revealed in this episode, that you will definitely need a score card to highlight their importance to the story and the series itself. 

**I received this book for free from (Publisher) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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*Stacking the Shelves & The Weekly Recap* 10/09/2015

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Thursday - Of Dreams and Rust by Sarah Fine (YA, Fantasy)

Friday - Jubilee Manor by Bethany Hagen (YA, Dystopian)

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#Friday Review - Ward Against Destruction by Melanie Card (Fantasy)

Series: Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer 
Format: E-Galley 302 pages
Release Date: October 5, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Source: Publisher
Genre: New Adult

Ward de’Ath used to think that nothing could be more terrible than death. Now he realizes there are worse things. Like his never-ending hunger for blood. Even if he conquers the unbearable cravings that drive him headlong toward destruction, he’s a wanted man with a bleak future. 

Assassin Celia Carlyle learns she is the only one who can protect Ward from disaster. She loves him–she wants to help him, but no one can tell her how to save him from himself. And the confusing voices in her head scream to let him go. 

But Ward's dark trials keep mounting. A malevolent evil is rising in the land, threatening to unleash horror upon the world. The only way Ward can defeat it, and have the chance to marry Celia, is by accepting his fate and becoming the one thing he swore he would never become..

Ward Against Destruction is the fourth and final novel in the Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer series. Picking up right where Ward Against Disaster left off, this could be the most dangerous and hardest challenge our group of heroes (Ward de'Ath, Celia Carlyle, and Nazarius) has faced since Ward brought Celia back from the dead. I have expressed my love for this series since the beginning, and I continue to do so. Melanie Card is a writer who isn't afraid to push the envelope until it snaps. She's created a world that is dangerous, dark, and far from perfect characters who can't catch at break at times. 

Meet 20-year old Ward de'Ath, 8th generation necromancer, physician, and our main protagonist who has seen more than his fair share of challenges. Kicked out of medical school and branded as a criminal, Ward has never given up his desire to save everyone. He is the dark sheep of a family of necromancer who now want him dead because of what's he's become. But, now, thanks to the actions of Celia, he's struggling to understand what his actual perhaps is supposed to be. If he can't deal with this new turn of events, including two powerful dark necromancers, then the darkness will fully consume him and he will lose his heart. 

Celia is a former assassin who has won Ward's heart, but is dealing with her own form of torture after saving his life. Celia is literally facing her own demons after what she did to save Ward and hearing the voice of someone who is supposed to be dead. I adore Celia, I really do. She's hard core, and she's still someone who can take out almost anyone who the group has faced. I am very, very happy we finally got a resolution to the Celia question that has been hanging around since the beginning. I think it makes a fitting surprise for readers of this series.  

Nazarius is the odd man of this trio but important nonetheless. He is a tracker who showed up in Ward Against Darkness and has been keeping Ward alive ever since. He answers to very powerful individual called the Lord Seer who has been telling Ward what to do, where to go, while ensuring that Nazarius does exactly as he's told. Nazarius faces challenges by keeping Ward safe and out of trouble. I dare say that it is his calling. Card once again uses all three characters to tell her story. She alternates points of view which I honestly thought was brilliantly done. Especially since there is so much going on and by missing one characters story, you miss important behind the scenes clues. 

Card once again has our heroes face insurmountable odds in taking down powerful necromancers called Innecroestri. Let's just call them the bad guys, and move on. What a wonderful way to end a series! All loose ends are tied up. Romance and love between Ward and Celia grows by leaps and bounds through trials, darkness and the unknown. Ward Against Destruction is the final mission to save the world. One last surprise revelation waiting for readers about Ward's abilities that makes perfect sense once you've read all the books in this series. What a brilliant way to bring things to an end! So, thank you, Melanie Card for writing such amazing characters!

**I received this book for free from (Publisher) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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#Thursday Review - Becoming Darkness by Lindsay Francis Brambles (Young Adult, Alternative History, Paranormal)

Series: Becoming Darkness # 1
Format: E-Galley 496 pages
Release Date: October 1, 2015
Publisher: Switch Press
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Genre: Young Adult, Alternative History

Like everyone else living in Haven, seventeen-year-old Sophie Harkness is an Immune--a carrier of the genetic mutation that protects her from the virus Hitler unleashed upon the world more than half a century ago. A virus that wiped out most of humanity and turned two-hundred million people into vamps. But after her best friend is brutally murdered and several attempts are made on her own life, Sophie becomes determined to find answers to what seems to be a conspiracy running generations deep. And when she questions the peace treaty that keeps her small community protected, Sophie begins to discover terrible truths about herself and what it means to be human in a world ruled by darkness. 

Lindsay Brambles' debut young adult novel is a story of an alternate universe: Hitler won the war, our modern technologies never evolved, and the Nazis' terrifying reign still continues. This fast-paced novel will appeal to readers who guzzle up genre mashups and are looking for a fresh hybrid to sweep them away.

Becoming Darkness is apparently the first installment in author Lindsay Brambles' alternate universe trilogy where Hitler actually won World War II. Hitler's scientists created a virus known as Gomorrah, and unwittingly unleashed it upon the entire world. The virus didn't entirely wipe out the population, but it did create 200 millions vampires while leaving only 2 million humans or Immune's living on the archipelago of Haven in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, while the rest of the world is under the Third Reich. 17-year old Sophie Harkness, our protagonist) is one of the 2 million Immune's left in the world.

She carries a genetic mutation that prevents her from turning into a vampire. Readers will get the immediate feeling that this is a girl is rash at times, willful, impetuousness, and has a careless attitude towards her fellow Immune's because of her relationship with vampire Valentine (Val). But, let's not toss her into the vat of boiling lava just yet. Sophie is also curious to a fault, eager to find out the truth behind what happened to her best friend, and willing to go the extra mile into enemy territory to get the answers she feels is necessary to open the eyes of her fellow Immune's into what is actually happening. Sophie travels across the world from Haven to NYC to the Arctic to find her answers.

When Sophie starts digging, things really pick up, and some surprise characters make their first appearance. Someone definitely doesn't want what Sophie is searching for to get out. In fact, I dare say that both sides are eager to see Sophie stopped in her tracks by any means necessary. Her only real friend in all of this is Val, who she has loved since they first met. There is also Inspector Havershaw who knows that Sophie is into something dangerous after her friend Camille was murdered, and she is shot. But, he doesn't know the depths of trouble that Sophie is getting herself into by refusing to give up. Sophie investigations leads to terrible truths about herself and what it means to be human in a world ruled by darkness, as well as the role of a group known as The Old Ones.

Let's chat about Sophie and Valentine's romance. Val is an example of the prejudices that Vampires face in Haven. Because of the fact that he IS a vampire, he's is considered to be evil and therefore has no redeeming value. However, Val is a curious sort who has had his time doing things that would be considered anathema by his own people. He values Sophie's love. He values humans and doesn't want to see them extinct. He valued Mary Wolstencroft, Sophie's mother, which kind of feels a bit hinky, but let's leave that alone for now. Despite the odds against this relationship actually working, Sophie genuinely cares for Val, and I do believe that the same can be said for Val's as well.

Becoming Darkness is a really entertaining story. It is a story that makes you want to take a breath and just ride out this story until the very end to see what happens to Sophie next. Brambles has created a marvelously thought provoking story with remarkable characters who you can connect to. He doesn't necessarily push the envelope in regards to climate issues or real world issues, but he does offer the idea of Mandatory Labor Service, and Mandatory Military Service for everyone in Haven. I do want to tell you to pay attention to the book referred to in this story. No Haven for Darkness definitely is something that is not to be ignored, or scoffed at. The search for answers IS the driving factor in this story. It's what motivates Sophie, and tosses her into the deep in of shark infested waters. 

**I received this book for free from (Publisher) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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#Wednesday Review - Forged by Erin Bowman (Young Adult)

Series: Taken # 3
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Release Date: April 14, 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian

The time has come to make a stand.

Gray Weathersby and his group of rebels are determined to bring down the Franconian Order. But they may be too late. The Order is closer than ever to its ultimate goal—building an unstoppable army—and every generation of Forgeries is more sophisticated, harder to detect, and deadlier than the one before.

Now the rebels have joined forces with new allies, the Expats. But when even the most familiar faces can’t be trusted, Gray will have to tread carefully if he wants to succeed—or survive

Forged is the final installment in the Taken trilogy by author Erin Bowman. It has been two months since the events of Frozen. Two months since Gray Weathersby and his surviving rebels (Adam, Blaine, Bree, Clipper, & Sammy) met up with the Ex-pats hoping they would find a way to help them defeat the Franconian Order who has been creating Forgeries at an alarming rate. Two of the forgeries were of Gray and his brother Blaine. Needless to say, readers haven't see the last of the forgeries, and they make things even more interesting for our group of rebels. This book is hard to follow at times and not because of the authors writing. 

You never knew who was going to pop up and thwart Gray and his allies goals of a world without Dimitri Frank. You didn't know if your favorite character was going to survive or not because Bowman didn't take it easy on anyone. You didn't know if the AmWest, and Ex-Pats were really going to do what they promised. Unfortunately, there were also some major angst moments between Gray and Bree. To this day, which is several weeks after finishing the book, I still don't grasp this relationship. There was too much push and not enough talking and understanding. If they had taken even FIVE minutes to stop, take a breath, and realized that they were better together than constantly bickering, perhaps I would have rated this book higher.

While Gray, the teams presumed leader, spent way too much time worrying about how Bree feels about him, others were having their own issues including Clippers reunion with his hero Harry Maldoon. Gray also had to resolve issues with Emma, the real Emma, not the forgery. If you read the first book Taken, which I hope you have, then you know that there has been a whole lot of unknown hanging over Emma and Gray's relationship. Here is a girl, Emma, who Gray has known all his life. Then after the Heist, and subsequent events of Taken, things were kind of put on the burner.

I do like the fact that Bowman finally returns the story to where it all began; Taem. She also returns to Gray, Blaine, and Emma's hometown of Claysoot. I would have liked to see them travel to Bree's hometown as well, but perhaps that's for another time. I liked the various twists that were thrown in as well, including the death of important characters, and the final showdown between Gray's allies and Dimitri. I've come to believe that characters like Bree and even Emma, were more of the heroes of the story than Gray. Gray still makes wrong moves. His plans are always twisted and shoved back at him. 

I have to give Bowman credit. She could have ended her trilogy on a happy note. But, she took the hard way out and really put these characters into harms way time and time again. I was nearly heartbroken when two of my favorite characters didn't make it to the end. But, that's okay. This was a war situation, and war leaves marks that forever scar those who survive. I dare agree with others about Bree's stubborn attitude. She's a tough girl who talks a good game, but at times, you just want to slap her in the head and ask her to move on with her anger issues. 

In the end, I have no regrets about reading and finishing this trilogy. 

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#Tuesday Review - Chaos by Sarah Fine (Young Adult, Fantasy)

Series: Guards of the Shadowlands # 3
Format: Kindle, 385 pages
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Skyscape
Source: Amazon
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

With Juri in control and everything in absolute chaos, Lela plunges into the depths of hell to free Malachi from creatures that have waited decades to exact their revenge. But the Judge has her own way of doing things, and Lela must work with Ana, the new Captain, who has a very personal mission of her own. Together, they infiltrate the most horrifying realm either has yet encountered in the Shadowlands—the bitter landscape ruled by the Mazikin.

The stakes could not be higher, and Lela must accept the help—and love—of people she barely knows or trusts. As alliances and loyalties shift and she realizes the soul she came to save isn’t the only one in need of rescue, can Lela summon the strength to see the fight through to the very end?

Chaos is the final installment in the Guards of the Shadowlands trilogy by Sarah Fine. Chaos picks up right where Fractured left off, so if you haven't yet read Fractured, do so now. Lela Santos world has literally been turned on its side ever since her best friend Nadia committed suicide in Sanctum. She dove in without any hesitation to save her from the Shadowlands and found love and a second chance in the process with Malachi a Captain of the Guard who has spent 70 years hunting and killing Mazikin. Things were left in a major pickle at the end of Fractured, and now, Lela must put her own life on the line once again in order to bring Malachi back from the darkest place in the afterlife; Mazikin City. 

As if saving and bring back Malachi wasn't hard enough, Lela is given other tasks to complete as well. (1) Find the portal which is allowing the Mazikin to escape to Earth and destroy it. (2) Destroy the Queen of the Mazikin. Thankfully, the Judge doesn't send Lela to the Dome where Mazikin City is located alone. Ana returns and is sent along with Lela to complete these tasks and find the love of her life (Takeshi) who has been missing for years now. Lela and Ana realize that the Judge is playing a very dangerous game, and they, along with Malachi, and others, are just pawns in a much larger game. 

The Judge wants the Mazikin situation handled, and handled now. Lela's worries are validated when she and Ana arrive. Malachi's soul is in the Dome, and the Queen is keeping him all to herself. If you are squeamish in any way, I would advise you that things do get a bit brutal in this book. Ana and Lela are forced into alliances with brutal human leaders who have come to accept that the Mazikin are their masters. They see familiar faces, and know that one wrong move will be their last. 

I was a bit puzzled when the first two items on Ana and Lela's list were finally resolved and the reunions happened. Yet, I knew that there was more to come in this story. There was more to come because Lela hasn't completed her final mission in destroying any remaining Mazikin on Earth. One of the most heart breaking scenes is Lela's reunion with Malachi not once, but twice. I dare say that I reached for a Kleenex once or twice.

Chaos is a step up from Fractured in darkness and action. While the normal world was dangerous, and the Mazikin made things hard for Lela and her crew, Mazikin City is no joking matter. I love the fact that Fine writes about dark worlds, and broken characters, and doesn't hold anything back. I love that she has made Lela a hero, but doesn't leave her alone without any support system. I loved that Ana makes a return, and I love that we finally, finally get to meet the love of Ana's life Takeshi. I loved the reunion with Lela's own mother who I honestly felt heart broken for and the Mazikin who saved Lela in Fracture.  

Malachi is the real deal folks. He laid down his own life for Lela. He made Lela feel things she hasn't felt before while also making her realize that she was absolutely worth something and not just someone who was tossed away and spent years in and out of foster homes. Fine walks away from any dick measuring contests in this book. There is Lela's destined love for Malachi, and nobody else was going to measure up to what he has in his heart. I'm sad that this trilogy is over, but I am not sad that I had the pleasure of reading this entire trilogy back to back. 

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#Blog Tour Review & Giveaway - Illusion by Lea Nolan (Young Adult, Paranormal)

Series: The Hoodoo Apprentice # 3
Format: E-Galley, 298 pages
Release Date: October 5, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Source: Publisher
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

New school. Cross-country move. Broken heart. If only these were Emma Guthrie’s worst problems. Instead, she must battle a trio of enemies—human and spectral—who may or may not have joined forces against her and everyone she loves. All while pretending to be over Cooper Beaumont, her ex-boyfriend and true love, to shield him from her arch-nemesis’s revenge.

Worse, when the fight escalates, Emma is tempted to use black magic, which will endanger her soul. As her enemies close in, join forces, and fight with new and dark magic she’s never seen before, Emma must harness the power within her to fulfill an ancient prophecy, defeat a centuries-old evil, save her family, and reclaim the only boy she’s ever loved.

Set in the  South Carolina Low-country, Illusion is the final installment in The Hoodoo Apprentice trilogy. 14-year old protagonist Emmaline (Emma) Guthrie has been tested over and over again by various forces of evil ever since she became a hoodoo (root worker) apprentice to 97-year old Cordelia "Delia" Whittaker. She's saved her brother Jack from a 300-year old curse known as the Creep. She saved her best friend and romantic interest Cooper Beaumont from his families curse that was supposed to kick in when he turned Sixteen. She even saved her father Jed Guthrie from his own curse that was tied to the Beaumont family. 

Now Emma has to face her own demons in order to save the ones she loves. The question for Emma is whether or not she will face her adversaries with good magic, or fall to the darkside of Magic and lose not only her soul, but everyone she loves in the process. With Delia being set up by Emma's adversaries Claude Corbeau & Taneea Branson for something that apparently happened in the past, Emma needs to dig deeper into her bag of tricks to not only save Delia, but those she loves as well. If she can't do so, then her adversaries will win and she and others will be lost. 

With Cooper and her brother Jack alongside, Emma can finally put an end to the trio of evil which includes 300 year old spirit Sabina. I love Emma even with all her mistakes. I love that her character remains steadfast for such a young lady. At Fourteen, most girls are just finding their first romance and don't have the weight on an entire community on her shoulders. Emma has had to deal with family issues, her brother nearly being killed, and having to rise up to the occasion over and over again. Emma never once acted like a girl who was Fourteen. She's much more mature, much more capable of handling things without adult supervision, and has mostly kept to the good side of magic.  

In the end, I really liked how Nolan ended this trilogy. I didn't think the story needed any more action, or suspense, or danger, or even romance. She covered it perfectly. I didn't mind having to wait an extra year for the final installment. Sometimes things happen to publishers and authors and delays happen. As long as the reader is allowed to finish the series, then a little delay is nothing compared to not knowing what happens in the end. I love these new covers! (See below!) 

I loved that even though Emma tried hard to keep Cooper safe and away from her while she was fighting against the villains, he stood by her anyway, and didn't leave her side. Not even when Emma faced off for the final time against her archnemesis Sabina, Claude and Taneea. I loved that Jack found a happy ending all his own with a new character who was introduced and became fast friends with Emma. She never once believed any of the rumors that Taneea tried to pile on Emma's shoulders. Loved that Nolan gave readers an idea at how tempting the darkside really is, and hard it is to remain 100 percent good.

On a final note, I do appreciate an author who takes the time and researches the subject that she is writing about. Fantasy is fantasy, but it is nice to have some semblance of facts about being a Root Worker, and those who also practice voodoo. 

**I received this book for free from (Publisher) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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Be careful what you search for…

Emma Guthrie expects this summer to be like any other in the South Carolina Lowcountry–hot and steamy with plenty of beach time alongside her best friend and secret crush, Cooper Beaumont, and Emma’s ever-present twin brother, Jack. But then a mysterious eighteenth-century message in a bottle surfaces, revealing a hidden pirate bounty. Lured by the adventure, the trio discovers the treasure and unwittingly unleashes an ancient Gullah curse that attacks Jack with the wicked flesh-eating Creep and promises to steal Cooper’s soul on his approaching sixteenth birthday. But when a strange girl appears bent on revenge, demon dogs become a threat, and Jack turns into a walking skeleton, Emma has no choice but to learn hoodoo magic to undo the hex, all before summer—and her friends–are lost forever.

Worst. Summer. Ever.

Emma Guthrie races to learn the hoodoo magic needed to break The Beaumont Curse before her marked boyfriend Cooper’s sixteenth birthday. But deep in the South Carolina Low-country, dark, mysterious forces encroach, conspiring to separate Emma and Cooper forever. When Cooper starts to change, turning cold and indifferent, Emma discovers that both his heart and body are marked for possession by competing but equally powerful adversaries.
Desperate to save him, Emma and her twin brother, Jack, risk their lives to uncover the source of the black magic that has allured Cooper and holds him in its grip. Faced with the horror of a soul-eating boo-hag, Emma and Jack must fight to resist its fiendish power to free Cooper long enough to join their strengths and face it together, before it destroys them all.

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About Lea
_MG_9498-2Lea Nolan is a USA Today bestselling author who writes books for young adults featuring bright heroines, crazy-hot heroes, diabolical plot twists, plus a dose of magic, a draft of romance, and a sprinkle of history. She also pens smart, witty contemporary stories for adults filled with head-swooning, heart-throbbing, sweep-you-off your feet romance.
With a master’s degree in women’s studies and public policy, and an undergraduate degree in history, she spent twenty years as a health policy analyst and researcher, writing hundreds of fascinating reports and articles tens of people enjoyed. Today, she teaches graduate courses in health policy, law, and financing, and takes on the occasional consulting gig.
Born and raised on Long Island, New York, she loves the water far too much to live inland. With her heroically supportive husband and three clever children, she resides in Maryland where she scarfs down crab cakes whenever she gets the chance.