Sunday, February 26, 2012

Demon Underground by S.L. Wright

Demon Underground (Allay # 2) pretty much begins where Confessions of a Demon (Allay # 1) left off. The head of Allay’s demon line (Vex) has been killed by Ram, and now the demon world is in turmoil trying to figure out who is in charge, and what they should do about Allay who has become a target for nearly every demon in NYC.

Allay has mostly accepted the fact that she’s no longer truly human and now needs to kill another demon every 200 years in order to survive. Allay feeds on people’s sweet elixir of life and their emotions giving them a release from their fits and rages while owning and operating a bar called Den on C.
Allay is also forced to make some difficult choices along the way to becoming comfortable with herself and her situation as a demon. Unfortunately for Allay, her friends dwindle by the minute after she knowingly exposes demons to the human world.
Shock is a real disappointment for me especially since she pretty much shoved Allay into feeding off another demon in order to live. She ends up treating Allay as though she is a danger to her, and the rest of the demons in the city, and their friendship abruptly comes to an end. I really can’t find fault in Allay’s actions for decisions which were based on saving those she cared about, which included Shock at the time.

She also has an offspring named Bliss. Like every other demon offspring, Bliss has the memories of her progenitor Allay. Bliss is a succubus demon who feeds off sexual emotions. Bliss is also firmly in Allay’s camp as a supporter after Shock decides she can’t handle what is Allay is becoming.

Ram, the oldest demon in existence, is still on the loose after killing Vex. Ram enjoys killing demons that hurt humans or attempt to harm Allay. The only real question where Ram is concerned is whether or not he truly loves Allay, or is he using her like the other so called love of his life Hope who was also a possessed human like Allay.

I think one of the more interesting demons was Mystify who clearly has the emotions of his progenitor Ram when it comes to Allay. Mystify plays important roles throughout this novel, and I really thought that Allay and he would make a play at each other.

If you’re like me, you will not take the books description seriously. Yes, part of the book does take place underground with Allay, Mystify, Bliss and Crave, but not a lot of it. The part that does take part underground is well done, and is well descriptive of the life homeless people choose as a way to survive.

The ending of Demon Underground leaves questions on whether or not this series will be continued. Since this book came out in 2010, and it’s 2012, I highly doubt it will.

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