Monday, March 12, 2012

Sins of the Demon by Diana Rowland

Detective Kara Gilligan of the Beaulac PD has her hands full in this, the fourth edition of the Kara Gillian series by Diana Rowland.

Kara finds herself with a full time protector in Eilahn, an 11th level demon sent by Demon Lord Rhyzkahl to protect her from being summoned to the demon realm.
It seems that more and more Demon lords want Kara to the point where she’s not safe outside of her home or at work without protection. Ever since becoming Lord Rhyzkahl’s sole summoner, and learning just how powerful she really is, Kara has had a target painted on her back by any and all Demon lord with a beef against Rhyzkahl.

I actually loved Eilahn’s addition to this series and her and Kara’s interaction throughout most of the storyline. I loved Eilahn getting a cat named Fuzzykins who really doesn’t much care for Kara, yet, worships the ground Eilahn walks on. Being a cat owner myself, I totally understand Kara’s point of view.

Kara also learns that someone is killing off people who have had runs in with her, or her family at one point in her lifetime. It is obvious that someone is setting up Kara for the fall so that she can easily be lured into the demon realm and away from Rhyzkahl’s protection. When the final reveal comes as to who the bad guys really are, I wasn’t actually all that surprised. Rowland definitely gave the reader plenty of opportunities to put one and one together.

Shocking as it may be for me to say this, but, it’s kind of a disappointment that there weren’t any sexual escapades in this book between Kara and anyone. Kara spends way too much time trying to figure out the truth behind what actually happened to Special FBI Agent Ryan Kristoff and why he was banished from the demon realm and trying to figure out who is trying to frame her for the murders of some not so nice people who truly didn’t deserve to live a second longer.

Diana Rowland definitely LOVES her cliffhanger endings. Readers, who love this series and have followed in since book number 1, shouldn’t be surprised that this particular book ended exactly the way it does. Taking the way Secrets of the Demon ended with the big reveal and now Sins of the Demon with Kara being left in a compromising position, we can only expect the same from her next outing called Touch of the Demon (2013).

My only real negatives were not enough of Rhyzkahl, or Ryan in this book. The way things are left between Ryan and Kara gives one hope that Rowland has seen the errors of her way, and realizes that she has to make a choice, rather than continue a discombobulated 3 way triangle with Rhyzkahl.

Having participated in a forum called Negative reviews this weekend at the BBPOC, I find myself thinking harder about rating my reviews. Do I rate this book a 3 for just okay? Or, do I rate it a 4 or higher so that we can expect the author and publisher to agree to write and produce more books in the series? Is a 3 rating really that bad in the general scheme of things? If I rate this book lower than a 3, does that mean that I truly don’t like the book and the story?


  1. Ahhh, but that kiss was pretty awesome. :)
    Anyway, I knew that there'd be a cliffhanger, but I was still pretty angry about it. I lowered my rating a little bit because of it. It doesn't seem fair.
    But Kara is one of my favorite characters, and I just adore Ryan. He gets so angry sometimes, frustrated, and makes all the wrong moves but he always relizes it in the end.
    Great review!
    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  2. I totally agree with you Maya! Thanks for dropping by :O)