Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding

Wrong Side of Dead is the fourth novel in Kelly Meding’s Dreg City series. When it comes to timeline of events, this story takes place 3 weeks after Evy escaped the mad scientist Walter Thackery who tortured her, and left her for dead (Another Kind of Dead) and 3 months after she was killed by a goblin queen and woke up in her current body (Three Days to Dead).

This story is uniquely different in many ways from the previous three installments. Instead of events happening one after the other, Meding flashes back to Evy’s recovery and the fact that the Triad’s as they once were, are no longer an operational unit and those in charge have disappeared and are presumed dead by suicide or possible interference from the Fey Council and Amalie. There was also a flashback to show how one of their own remaining hunters Felix, was turned into a Halfie and what happened afterward.

It’s also a fact in point that Evy and Wyatt are once again trying to figure out where they are in their tumultuous relationship that just keeps going up and down like a rollercoaster ride. I know there are those who tire of this relationship and wish they would just figure it all out or find someone else to be with. I truly believe you will have your wish by the time this book is over and done. 

Evangeline (Evy) Stone once again is a kick-ass and take names later kind of heroine. She is fierce and loyal to a fault, but isn’t shy about showing her feelings and using some colorful commentary to get her point across. She has a cool new power of transportation and she is very protective of her goddaughter Ava who goes missing and is used by Thackery for creating his Halfies who now have functional capabilities.

The biggest surprise of this book is that the Triad survivors including Gina Kismet, Milo Grant, Adrian Baylor, Evy and Wyatt, are now working together with vampires and Therians (shape shifters) in a fragile new alliance to bring down Thackery and Halflings once and for ever. 

The so called Triumvirate’s goal is to protect the city and its resident from Halfies at all costs. Whether or not this alliance remains intact shall be determined over the course of future releases since Thackerys deviousness knows no boundaries when it comes to eliminating the vampires from Dreg City.

Once again Phineas (Phin) el Chimal (Osprey shifter) is featured prominently after members of his own pride are taken as hostages by Thackery’s agents of chaos. I must say that I am proud of Meding for not crossing the line and having a 3-way love triangle with Evy and Wyatt as the third parts. Evy and Phin worked together and are friends. I can’t tell you how much I was doing the happy dance after Evy got in Wyatt’s face about Fin and Evy’s friendship and Wyatt’s jealously by basically telling him to shit or get off the pot.

The second surprise surrounds Wyatt after he is seriously injured and learns that he is more than human now after being infected with Lupa blood. A fact that the alliance and Elders find disturbing since he is the first one who has been infected in centuries. How does this all figure in with Wyatt’s gift? Where this twist sends the series is anyone’s guess. Let’s allow Meding the chance to drive this bus before we all get off and complain shall we?

The last surprise, and most enjoyable fact, is that Evy doesn’t end up dead or beaten down so seriously that you wonder how in the hell Meding can continue to torture her heroine so much. I mean, seriously, she’s been killed by a goblin, blown up, and lost part of her hand due Thackery and his warped sense of what he considers duty, and those she comes in contact with end up dead, or in really bad shape.

This is one of my favorite series and try to ensure that I somehow get my hands on this book whether it be by borrowing it from the local library, or hoping like hell that I can get an advanced reading copy of the novel. 

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