Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ascension (Dark Breed, #1) by Sable Grace


The gates of Tartarus are opened and allowing dangerous Dark Breeds (demons) to escape and feast on humans. Chosen humans who were picked to replace Gods like Ares, Artemis, and Hades are being killed at an alarming rate. The God Cronos has a massive following that wants nothing better than to raise him from his so called Death so that he can wreak havoc on his brothers and become the only true God. Human cities are slowly falling one by one, and a bastion of survivors find themselves living within Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine, Florida.


Ascension (Dark Breed # 1) is an interesting story that follows the exploits of half vampyre, half lychen Kyana Aslan. Kyana works as a tracker for the Order or Ancients and is the only real half breed that has been allowed to do so. Kyana has the ability to hold on to a scent for days without losing its potency. Kyana, even though she’s part vampyre, hasn’t fed on fresh blood in over 80 years. Kyana works for the Goddess of the Hunt Artemis and is the last half breed of her kind.

Upon learning that someone has stolen the Key to Tartarus, Kyana and her witch best friend Haven, are given a mission to find the key so that the gate can be closed once again. Kyana is reunited with her one-time love interest Ryker, son of Ares, who 10 years previously rejected her. That rejection has remained a thorn in Kyana’s side.

The world building is unique in the paranormal romance category. Ascension is set in a world that has been overrun by hells minions known as the Dark Breed. You could, in reality, call this a Dystopian genre novel since the world has been devastated by the Dark Breeds and the humans are struggling to survive thanks in large part to the efforts of Kyana and the hunters of the Order.

Sable Grace is a new author to me and I’ve read the reviews that have been all over the place from pure hatred to love. Me, I loved the use of the Greek mythology mixed with vampyre’s, lychens, witches and mystics. I loved the fact that there is an above where the humans live, below which is a sideways, or a parallel universe, as well as beyond which is where the Gods live on Olympus.

Kyana is an awesome character who isn’t afraid to get dirty and bloody. Her relationship with Ryker wasn’t thrust upon readers from page one. It was slowly built so that the feelings of both characters were taken into consideration. Kyana’s best friend Haven actually goes through a lot thanks to a bad decision by Kyana which will be carried right into the next book called Bedeviled.

I also liked the fact that Grace didn’t just expect readers to take her word on what happened to Kyana. She actually does a good job in describing what happened to Kyana and why she is a half lychen and half vampyre.

Overall, this was actually a decent start to a series and I am definitely looking forward to reading Bedeviled and then Chosen ASAP.

Author: Sable Grace
Title: Ascension
Publisher: Avon Books
Released: April 26, 2011
Total Pages: 374


  1. Ooohhh Greek myth based UF, me likey! But a little worried that you just gave it 3.5 stars...

    Talk Supe

    1. I could have gone 4 stars in reality had there been more romance involved. I still enjoyed this book, and Bedeviled, the next book, as well.