Monday, May 7, 2012

Bleeding Hearts by Alyxandra Harvey (Drake Chronicles # 4)

Alyxandra Harvey’s Bleeding Hearts is the fourth novel in the Drake Chronicles series. This time around the main characters are Lucy (Lucky) Hamilton, Christabel Llewellyn (Lucy’s cousin) and Conner Drake. The story is pretty much as expected and nothing was a surprise expect maybe the ending which truthfully, anyone could see coming if you’ve read this series from the start.

Christabel was going to be turned into a vampire whether we liked it or not. The only questions were how it was going to happen, who was going to be responsible for tuning her, and whether or not she was going to go all Hel-Blar (evil vampire) on us. Christabel is a character that’s a geek of all things historical fiction. She absolutely loves it and can pretty much quote any line from any book. Naturally, she ends up falling for one of the Drake brothers. I mean, who hasn’t?

I’m not totally on the bandwagon that this series needed yet another character to become a mainstay or a sub character like Isabeau, but what do I know? We already had Hunter that could have been made a main character instead of a secondary one who probably won’t get any more air time.

There are those of us who actually missed Lucy. She is one of the more interesting characters in this series. She’s smart, she snarky, feisty, and she doesn’t care what people say about her being a vampire lover to Nicholas. I love the fact that she’s enrolled into the Helios-Ra Academy for vampire hunters where she is training with Hunter and Chloe. She’s done enough to help save the Drake family over this series only to be treated as something fragile thanks to the whole thing with Solange and her turning into something unreal.

Speaking of Solange, is anyone else sick and tired of her nonsense? Also, who the hell is Constantine and why is he suddenly interfering by telling her to act like a princess and start drinking from humans? The one person I feel for more than Lucy is Kieran who fell in love with her.

I think the story behind Aiden and Saga should have been expounded upon more instead of hashed over. Just the brief glimpses we get of their backgrounds made me want to know more. Is Aiden now going to be a mainstay character since he sired Christabel? What exactly is Christabel turning into? Will she end up telling her mother who is in rehab?

Obviously with the cliffhanger ending of this story, I will be reading Blood Moon once it releases June 19th 2012. Supposedly, the POV’s will once again include Lucy, Nicholas, and Solange.

Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Title: Bleeding Hearts
Publisher: Walker & Company
Released: December 20, 2011

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