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Timeless (Parasol Protectorate # 5) Gail Carriger

Timeless, by Gail Carriger, is the last book in the Parasol Protectorate series. The story actually picks up two years after Heartless where we find Alexia, Conall & Lord Akeldama abiding by their agreement with vampire Countess Nadasdy in allowing Akeldama to adopt and raise Prudence in order to keep their family safe from harm.

The vampires are deathly afraid of Prudence because of her natural ability to become a vampire or werewolf just by touch. There are plenty of funny scenes where 2 year old Prudence touches her father and turns into a werewolf cub, or a vampire with fangs after touching Akeldama or another vampire.

Needless to say, she keeps her parents and Akeldama on their feet and me laughing my ass off! I love the fact that whenever someone would say her name, she would yell NO! Yeah, I don’t much care for the name either kid. The only person to get the fact that she does hate her name is Madame Lafoux. One can only hope that she ends up changing it before the next series spin-off is released.

Alexia soon receives a letter from the oldest vampire in existence, Queen Matakara of the Alexandria, telling her to come to Egypt for a visit along with her daughter. It’s not really a request rather than a summons which Akeldama and Nadasdy don’t much care for and try to talk Alexia out of going. So, on the basis of her summons, Alexia ends up taking a whole hoard of characters along with her including her best friend Ivy and her husband Tunstell as well as their acting troupe.

The story is actually told in two points of views Alexia’s and Biffy’s. While Alexia and crew are off to Egypt, Professor Lyall and Biffy are left behind to take care of any problems within the pack and to form a relationship that was kind of distracting to the overall story. The only interesting story was Biffy’s startling revelation that he may be more powerful than he realizes and the fact that Lyall played a major role in getting Conall to take over his current pack by force.

Alexia is still as snarky and funny as ever and her relationship with Lafoux and Conall keeps you on your toes. The ending involving Ivy was not expected and surprised me. There were further revelations about Alexia’s abilities when it comes to water and the fact that Conal and Alexia once again find a way to get on each other’s nerves at the most inopportune time.

The real mystery behind the story surrounds the God-Breaker Plague and Alessandro Tarabotti’s role in its spreading across Egypt. It’s also revealed that Algernon Floote is more than just a butler, but a protector of Alexia and a member Alessandro’s crew.

There are times when I do these reviews, that I feel that I am revealing too much of the storyline. As such, I will just say that it’s actually kind of nice to see a series end after 5 books. While it’s not the perfect ending, it’s good enough to believe that Carriger made an excellent choice in stopping now. Were all storylines tied up nicely? Yes, pretty much. Did it feel as though it was rushed in anyway? Debatable.

While there is a spin-off of this series, which I shall read, at least we know it won’t go 20 or more books where the storyline drags on, and on, and on to no ending whatsoever and readers end up hating the characters for their stupidity or the fact that they change too damn much.

Author: Gail Carriger
Title: Timeless (Parasol Protectorate # 5)
Publisher: Orbit
Released: March 1, 2012

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