Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Armchair BEA: Networking

Design credit goes to Nina of Nina Reads

Today is the day that we discuss networking. For Day 3, we want you to share your positive experiences of using your blog to get involved in your community. This can involve partnerships with the local literary scene, attending author events and signings, or getting together with bloggers in your area. We want to hear it all!

I'm sort of an introvert, definitely shy, when it comes to meeting and making friends with people. I started my blog because I wanted to get to know those  people that already followed me on Goodreads and Facebook. Since my blog started growing, I've been more in contact with our local library system about purchasing newer books that they might not otherwise purchase on a given day. As of today, I've given them a list of new releases through July. Need to work on August and September sometime soon. I've read several responses about contacting independent booksellers and partnering up with them. That's such a great idea!

For the record, I also donate lots, and lots of books to the library. Usually they go towards the monthly library warehouse book sales where you can get bags filled with books for a really cheap price. You can even get a tax credit, write-off, if you itemize your taxes. Just something to think about.

As for going to Book Conventions, well, that's not going to happen unless I'm graced with a new job or my family continues to offer their support in regards to my obsession with reading. I definitely want to go to DragonCon over the labor day holiday and have informed the parental unit of my intentions. I've heard it's so much fun and it's only 4 hours away from where I live! Had I remained in New York, I would most likely be taking in the sights and sounds of BEA.

Pertaining to author signings, believe it or not I've never been! Seriously I live such a sheltered life it's a wonder I can get out of bed in the morning without some serious help from others. On that note, I'm "planning" on driving from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale on June 14th to meet Richelle Mead. Hopefully my camera and phone won't go all freaky Friday on me and quit working. Yes, that has happened to me as well.

We also have Jennifer Armentrout's Onyx tour coming to Jacksonville on June 10th. I seriously want to go if only to receive a free signed copy of Onyx. Hoping that other authors will find themselves in and around the Jacksonville area. It's kind of depressing that we live in one of the biggest cities in the south, and yet they avoid us like the plague.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. My only advice to others in my situation is to keep your head held high and know that there are others in the same situation.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I hope that you do get to go to the signing in Fort Lauderdale! I haven't been to many, but they are really fun!


  2. Nice post. I'm kind of shy when it comes to that kind of stuff too. I haven't been to our local library since high school, I'm horrible. I probably should do that.

    I wish I would have known you and Laura in 2010 when RT Convention was at Disney. I went and it was awesome! :-)

  3. DragonCon is a fantastic place to go - so much more laid back than ComicCon! If you go, you should drop a note and let me know! I'll be there this year =)

  4. It looks like the good things are still to happen. Hope you have great fun meeting these authors and hopefully DragonCon will not just be a fantasy...

  5. Stick to it! I would LOVE to go to DragonCon!

  6. **New Follower** just wanted to say hi :D

    1. Welcome new follower! Very happy that you found my blog!