Saturday, September 22, 2012

Early Review - Whispers at Moonrise by CC Hunter

Kylie Green has had something of a roller coaster ride since arriving at Shadow Falls the camp for supernaturals like vampires, werewolves, witches, and Fae. She continues to find herself in a love triangle relationship with Lucas and Derek and really thought she made the right choice in Taken at Dusk.

Kylie received a surprise when her ghost father told her that she's a chameleon but isn't able to tell her exactly what that means for her in the long term. At this point, you can't help but laugh at Kylie's insistence on being called a lizard. Even though everyone around her tells her she’s not a lizard, she continues to believe it until she starts rotating through several supernatural beings. I mean seriously, you would think she would jump on the computer she loves so much and find out what a chameleon really is or ask Derek who seems to know a lot about everything. But I digress. It really doesn’t come clear to Kylie who or what she is until she meets her so called grandfather and aunt who explain what it means to her.

Kylie’s ghost whispering abilities have been growing in stature as well. She really gets a surprise when a ghost arrives at camp wearing the face of someone she really cares about. Luckily, it doesn’t take Kylie the entire book to figure out who the person is, or what happened to her. Once again, Kylie ends up being pushed to the brink of her abilities and somehow manages to survive to see another day.

Then when everything is said and you think it’s over, Kylie ends up getting her heart crushed and makes a really interesting choice about her future at Shadow Falls for which we should learn not only who she ends up choosing, but, what being a chameleon and protector really means.


Wow, Lucas I am totally putting you in for the category of asshat of the year for your actions at the end of this book! Dude, you are so dead to me right now, so, don’t even bother trying to worm your way back into my heart. Seriously how could you do that to Kylie? How can you expect anyone to ever trust you again? How can you keep secrets from Kylie and not expect her to trust you 100 percent? I would expect nothing more from CC Hunter since she absolutely loves to tear our hearts apart and force us to come back for more.

I absolutely adore Holiday and Burnett and how they really seem to care about Kylie and what happens to her. There was a tender moment between the couple, FINALLY, in this book as well. Of course, it takes yet another obstacle for Kylie to resolve before they finally admit their feelings towards the other.

I’m thinking Della and Miranda have become the comic relief of the series. I don’t mean to insinuate that they’re in the story for nothing. Both characters are interesting to read about and support Kylie to their abilities and time of need. Yet, more times than not, they’re found continually arguing with each other, or trying to find the right boy to care about or are just plain arguing over whether or not the sky is falling.

Readers shouldn't be surprised at ANYTHING that happens in this book. Kylie has gone through a bunch of stuff and now learns that she's not only a protector, but, a chameleon who is able to take on the abilities of ANY supernatural. In the end, Kylie’s decisions may have been motivated by emotions rather than desire. We can only hope that she makes the right choices in the final book of the series Chosen at Nightfall.

Expected publication: October 2nd 2012 by St. Martin's Griffin

Title - Whispers at Moonrise
Author - C C Hunter
Publisher - St Martins Griffin
Releases - October 2, 2012


  1. I absolutely adore this series & can't wait to get hold of this book. You have me really worried about Lucas now & Oct 2nd can't come soon enough ;)

    Thank-you for sharing your wonderful review.