Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review - Taken By Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“Every future I can find is coated in blood.” Callum pg 98

Taken by Storm is an emotion filled roller coaster ride that takes readers from the highest high, to the lowest low and every emotion in between. Despite the warnings from Callum that blood will flow, it still is a shock to the system when you find out who actually doesn’t survive.

Taken by Storm will leave readers with questions about the ending and what really happens to Bryn and crew when all is said and done. It has already caused readers to debate the merits of ending this series after three books. I fully support the author’s decision knowing that we can hope for a revisit to this series sometime in the future. I would even accept a novella that begins IMMEDIATELY after the last page of this book.

Bryn’s journey into adulthood and beyond isn’t an easy one to read about. She once again has her abilities to lead a werewolf pack questioned by Alphas who want what she holds; female werewolves and the land they live on. Bryn is tested and pushed beyond her own skin and abilities and somehow manages to come out on top but not without being unscathed by everything that happens to those around her.
As a reader of this series, you know that Bronwyn (Bryn) Alessia St. Vincent Clare is the only human/female Alpha of the Cedar Ridge territory which holds the most female werewolves in existence. If you’ve read the series then you know that Bryn asked Callum to Change her into a werewolf so that she could better protect her small pack of 22 including her foster mother Ali and her twins. You also know that he refused yet never really gave a good reason for it. Now, we know the reason why:

“I know you have questions. I know that you want to know why I haven’t Changed you yet. There are limits to what we are, Bryn. Humans grow. They age, they change, and they learn. There are reasons, Bryn-girl,” Callum said finally. “And the only one you’ll be getting out of me is that, sometimes, it’s hard to teach an old wolf new tricks.” pg 45

Callum’s actions, or inaction, when it came to protecting Bryn and her pack, have been debated across the book reviewing world since this book was released. Yet, after everything is said and done, you just knew that Callum was aware that Bryn would be pushed to the very limits of her sanity and it would be up to her to figure out the clues before it’s too late. Sometimes Bryn is a bit clueless about what everything means. It takes her awhile to come up with the correct action and methods to save her pack.

I am said to see this series end, yet I am not sad that I took the time to read this series. Barnes knows how to write. She knows how to take her characters to the brink of emotions and leave them trying to figure out the reasons behind what happens to them. Her world building is awesome and I really look forward to her next creation.

Title - Taken by Storm
Author - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released - May 22, 2012
Publisher - Edmont USA


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  2. This is the first time I'he seen or heard of this book. Thanks for the feature Shelley, I'm always on the lookout for new authors to try.