Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breaking the Devil's Heart by HA Goodman

Breaking the Devil’s Heart is a ditty about two Observers – Stewart Willoughby and Layla O’Toole– who turned down the opportunity to become Angels in an attempt to rid the world of evil. The idea is that Demons are peddling a product called The Formula to unsuspecting humans, manipulating them to the dark side of their psyche where they then end up in Hell for the rest of eternity. It’s also a statement on the fact that God appears to be a non-entity when it comes to preventing some of history’s most violent acts of murder and devastation since he basically gave humans free will to do what they please.

The story is told mainly from the POV of Stewart and we get a look at the so called inner workings of Hell from its Marketing Department, and Telemarketing Department to its Stock Market where souls are bought and sold by the acts of the particular human being. It’s a place where Satan is really a female Fallen Angel who controls Hell with an Iron grip.

Stewart and Layla have the ability to travel throughout time and space and visit different planes of existence. Stewart is an interesting character to review. He was a part of the CIA for a time, before becoming a teacher where he met Layla and later was brutally murdered by so called friends. He really believes that there is a way to prevent acts of evil against humans by finding out and exposing the truth behind Hell’s nefarious schemes.

As for Layla, she is probably the most interesting character in that she is given a particular storyline and you have to guess whether or not she's actually who she wants you to believe she is. She is also Stewart's conscious in many ways. I believe Stewart would have been a lot more devious in his attempts at thwarting Hell without Layla around.

Breaking the Devil’s Heart could be considered a philosophical one in that Goodman explores what it means to be human and have free will. Are there really good and evil beings whispering in our ears on a daily basis telling us to do things that go against our very nature? Is Hell really selling a Formula to evil groups to do their bidding and thus gaining more souls? Why hasn’t God or the Angel’s in heaven stood up and fought back against Hell’s minions and attempts to control humanity by planting sweet evil into their ears?

I received this book from the author H.A Goodman in lieu of an honest appraisal and opinion of his work. Breaking the Devils’ Heart is intriguing and you will find yourself debating the ideas behind this book if you are faithful to your religion. I found the idea that there are different faiths in Heaven interesting. The subject matter is also dark at times and really exposes the reality behind the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell for our very souls.

Title - Breaking the Devil's Heart
Author - HA Goodman
Publisher - Outskirts Press
Released - April 5, 2012

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  1. Ohhh, This sounds like such an intriguing novel!! The idea that there would be different religions in Heaven, is something I have never run across before!
    Not to mention, the cover art is AMAZING (though I dont like the font of the title, its not easy enough to read.)

    Great review!!!