Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review - Blood Bond by Sophie Littlefield (Joe Bashir #1)

Blood Bond is the first novel in the Jamshed “Joe” Bashir series. Bashir is a Pakistani-American Detective who works for the town of Montair, California. Bashir, along with his partner Bertrese Wellington, is called to the scene of an apparent murder where a guest is found lying dead in a pool of blood.
Days later, with the investigation leading in several different directions and stalling, Gail, the wife of suspect Bryce Engler, is found dead at the foot of a cliff and signs lead back to a fatal hazing that occurred thirteen years ago. The hazing, which took the life of a college co-ed named Jess Bartelak, was covered up by those involved including a prominent lawyer named Aidan McKay, Gail Groesbeck-Engler, and older sister Marva Groesbeck.

Joe is lead on a wild goose chase that takes him from Montair, to Iowa in search of clues and reasons why Gail and Tom were murdered. As the case spins in its tracks, Joe finds himself attracted to the reserved and quiet Marva who has a lot on her plate, and seems to be holding on by a string. Joe also has to deal with his own personal issues when it comes to having a Jewish girlfriend, and a family that is traditional in nature.  
I choose to read this particular novel because I’ve read Sophie Littlefield’s Aftertime series. I also choose to read it because I have a tendency of enjoying a good murder mystery novel now and then. I also wondered just how “sexy” Joe Bashir actually was since the synopsis made it sound like he was flowing with sex appeal.

Blood Bond is one of those books that you need patience with. You need to take in all the clues and the possible suspects at face value and then think outside of the box. Why were Tom and Gail murdered? Was it really because of a hazing incident gone wrong? Why does Marva suddenly appear to be the more likeable suspect? How many women will Joe end up sleeping with, and will he break their hearts in the end, or get his broken instead?

Blood Bond is a fascinating story with a likeable lead character in Joe Bashir. It should be interesting to see where Littlefield takes her character after this book. If you like Police Procedural novels, then you will find yourself engaged to the hilt with Blood Bond. If you like a little suspense and guess work, then you will also enjoy Blood Bond.

Title - Blood Bond (Joe Bashir # 1)
Author - Sophie Littlefield
Publisher - Pocket Star
Released - November 20, 2012

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  1. Good to know this was an OK read for you at least. I want to give it a whirl after I have my PNR run hehehe