Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review - Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs

17 year old Greta has been stranded on Mylena for 4 years. This happened after she was lured into a cave and thrown through a portal created by a Lamia (witch) after trying to save her younger brother. Greta is supposed to be the only human on a world where her kind (humans) are reviled and hunted down like animals because of their fervent belief that humans unleashed a curse on Mylena that spread throughout the land. 

Greta has hidden her identity by taking the job as a Bounty Hunter and learning the ropes from a sprite named Luke (Lucius). When Luke is fatally hurt and a bounty is placed on Greta’s head, Greta decides to run and hide against the desires of Isaac the new Goblin King who believes that he can somehow find a way to save her from his own people.

For some reason or the other, Isaac finds Greta fascinating and knows her secret as being a human. Isaac is able to enter Greta’s dreams which put a damper on the fact that she just wants to be left alone. Isaac becomes one part of a semi-sort of love triangle along with Wyatt, the human de facto leader of a group of lost boys she stumbles across in an effort to stay one step ahead of Isaac and the hordes searching for her.
Mylena is a world that is filled with goblins, ogres, sprites, and fairies. In the background of this story, is the looming approach of an eclipse where every being on Mylena turns into bloodthirsty beasts that enjoy killing each other. There is also the fact that a demon named Agramon really wants to get his hands on Greta because he believes she is the key to his ultimate goals.

When I first read the synopsis for Greta and the Goblin King, I was anxious to grab a copy. I mean, seriously, Goblins and a human hiding among them? Sign me up! I even did a Waiting On Wednesday feature hoping that I could grab a copy of this book from the publisher. So, color me surprised when I was provided with an E-copy by Entangled Publishing (Thank you Heather!) and also got a chance to speak to the actual author herself.

***Chloe will be doing a special guest post on my Blog (Gizmo’s Reviews) on November 26, 2012.***

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the way Jacobs created the world of Mylena and the various supernatural creatures that call it home. I would have liked to learn more about the world itself and whether or not the so called curse can be broken and what part Greta will play in its resolution. I will keep my fingers crossed that Jacobs reveals more about this fascinating world in the next installment.

As for Greta, she’s an interesting character that yes, has butt kicking qualities that I look for in a heroine. She has an astounding record of success as a bounty hunter which brings her to the attention of Isaac. As for the Isaac, he will gain followers just by being obnoxiously persistent in his drive to bring Greta under his guise. Wyatt is the one character that I have to say I am cheering for all the way. I always cheer for the character with slim to no chance of gaining the heroine’s affection. Besides that, Wyatt and his lost boys are actually trying to do something heroic like trying to find a way home.

In the end, Jacobs has a created a unique and fascinating world which I can’t wait to see what happens next. I definitely recommend this book to those who love mythological creatures, romance, action, and adventure.

Author - Chloe Jacobs
Title - Greta and The Goblin King
Publisher - Entangled Publishing, Inc.
Released November 13, 2012

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