Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review - Reaper by L.S. Murphy

16 year old High School Sophomore Quincy Amarante is a popular girl in each and every aspect. She’s blonde, wears the latest fashions, she’s class PRESIDENT, and is on the dance squad with her best friend Jordan. She gets a brand new car for her 16th birthday, and isn’t afraid to throw tons of money around on new clothes like it grows on trees in her backyard.

You can definitely call her conceited and many of you will not be able to connect to her in anyway shape or form. This isn’t meant as a swipe to those of you who grew up rich with nannies, or parents who are never home because they’re out partying like its 1999, or are working so much that they totally forget the fact that they have children at home who actually need them.

Of course, had this particular storyline continued any further, I would have DNF’d the book and moved onto something else entirely. But, it didn’t. Instead, Quincy learns that she is supposed to be the FIFTH reaper when she turns EIGHTEEN. As it happens, she’s the direct descendant of the FIRST reaper and it also runs in her family after a fashion. She ends up getting a guide in the form of her Great x 3 Grandfather Forsyth Amarante who is supposed to teach her the ins and outs of being a REAPER along with another reaper named DESTINY. 

Ah, but hold on my intuitive readers and followers I’m not done with my review yet! Nope. You see, the first third of this book is pretty much like a HIGH school musical with all the singing and dancing around including a new guy (Logan Mitchell) who shakes up Quincy’s world and a vile disgusting piece of crap in Robert whose own actions in his treatment of Quincy’s best friend Jordan that leads Quincy to making a choice that nobody should have had to make. Trust me, you will loathe Robert with your very being once you read this book.

But Logan isn’t the only one who has caught Quincy’s eyes. There’s Ben (Bender) Moorland who has returned to town after being away for a few years. Ben, of course, is labeled as a scrub, or one who is at the bottom of the socialite ladder, but he also plays in a band as a drummer. ::sigh:: Yes folks I lubbed me some Ben and I’m betting you will as well. Once Quincy realizes that Ben has been, and always will be the one, she totally changes her tune and becomes someone a lot more likable in each and every way.

Quincy’s character grows a lot from the beginning of the book when time literally stops and she finds out she’s to be the next REAPER until the climatic ending where Quincy makes a unselfish choice in regards to her future and those of her friends. If you are a sap like me who cries without notice, get your tissues ready for the ending of this book. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Seriously.

Reaper, by L.S. Murphy, was kindly provided to me by J. Taylor Publishing in lieu of an honest review. Thank you! 

Title - Reaper
Author - L.S. Murphy
Publisher - J. Taylor Publishing
Released - January 7, 2013
Genre - Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal

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