Sunday, March 10, 2013

ARC Review - Aimee Laine's Silent Echoes

"Those before her are silent but echo through your soul along with traces of other gifts."

Aimee Laine is a new author to me. I had not read her first book Hide & Seek (Games of Zeus # 1) before reading Silent Echoes. I probably should since two secondary, but important characters (Tripp Fox and Emma Fox) are featured prominently in this book. Silent Echoes is a cross between Greek Mythology (Zeus playing games with humans who have talents), smexy romance, mystery and a bit of suspense blended in.

The two main characters are Taylor Marsh and Ian Sands. Right off the bat you could tell that there was some chemistry between the characters but the reason for it was undeniably frustrating. Taylor is an awesome character who is thrown into the fire right from the beginning of the book. After discovering a human skull, she is then immediately charged with murder. Enter Ian Sands, as well as Tripp Fox to defend and help clear her name. Taylor ends up discovering that she has a tragic past filled with death and love lost. Someone continues to try to keep her away from her true love over and over again.

"No words need have been spoken. No thought need have been shared. No memory broke what remained between them. Together. Forever."

There are books where insta-lust drives me to the brink of insanity. In this novel, the insta-love is explained in detail and leaves no question that it makes sense. I enjoyed reading this book. I was wrong on my guessing of who the villain was, but it made sense in the end. Another character I liked was Riley Dale, Taylor's best friend since childhood. He didn't get all jealous or up in your face over Taylor and Ian's budding and blossoming relationship.

I would recommend that you read Hide & Seek first before reading Silent Echoes. But, I think this story can definitely stand on it's own since new characters are introduced. Overall, a pretty fast paced and enjoyable read.

Title - Silent Echoes
Author - Aimee Laine
Publisher - J. Taylor Publishing
Release date - March 11, 2013
Genre(s) - Paranormal, Mystery, Romance

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