Thursday, April 25, 2013

Early Review - The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

After reading the synopsis for The Forgotten Ones on Goodreads, I happily agreed to read the story and provide an honest review upon finishing. The Forgotten One's is considered New Adult because of the fact that the characters are all in their early 20's or older.

Let me give you a breakdown of some positives that I took away from reading this story:

Allison O'Malley is really an amazing character and one that I could totally relate to. She's had to grow up without her mother Elizabeth who has schizophrenia and has done a pretty good job with help from her grandparents in taking care of her. Howard puts the reader into Allison's shoes and shows how difficult it is to care for a sick parent while trying to maintain some semblance of a life.

Even though Allison is considered to be cold, or even remote at times, it's only because her heart is in a good place and she wants to do right by her own mother. Allison is not all that boy crazy, and doesn't fall madly deeply in love with the first boy she meets even with her cousin pushing and pulling her into several different directions.

In other words, no Insta-love. She does have feelings for the so called towns playboy Ethan Magliaro, but the feelings have only resulted in a brief kiss and nothing more. Even though I found myself, at times, loathing Ethan because of his moniker, the ice around my heart melted when it became obvious that Allie has had feelings for him for a very long time.

Laura actually provides readers with the spelling of the Fae names so that you don't find yourself stumbling and bumbling your way through this book. I absolutely love when authors provide a glossary of sorts to help you while you're reading.

There was no 3 way love triangle! Can I just say how refreshingly awesome that is to a reader like me who loathes 3 way love triangles as much as I hate the smell and taste of Liver? I've read where readers truly believe that Aodhan will become part of Allison's life in a romantic way. No I don't think so. I think of Aodhan of more of a older brother who will protect her against those who means her harm.

I agree with other folks that the first part of this book read as though it was a contemporary romance novel rather than a fantasy one. It should be obvious to you by now that I would have read this book regardless if the second half had not turned into the story about Allison's father and his people and what it will mean to Allison in the long term especially from the dangerous Fae like Aoife and the machinations of the King and Queen of Fairy.

I'm happy to say that there WILL be another book in this series per Ms Howard and I can tell you that I WILL be reading it. The Forgotten Ones leaves a few unanswered questions and a powerful ending to the story that should easily carry into the next book. As for me, I am absolutely rooting for Allison's parents to have happy ending.

Author - Laura Howard
Title - The Forgotten Ones
Publisher - Self
Releases - May 15, 2013
Genre - New Adult Paranormal

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