Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Broken Gates by D.T. Dyllin (Book # 2 The P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy)

Dear Ms Dyllin;

First may I say thanks for the copy of Broken Gates that you sent to me in lieu of my honest opinion? It's always appreciated when authors give you the opportunity to read a book before anyone else has. Thank you!

Second, I say this with nothing but respect for your writing abilities and story telling. However, you, my lady, are an evil, evil sadist! You have absolutely no compassion whatsoever for readers emotions or the fact that some of us have weak constitutions when it comes to powerful cliffhangers that leaves us gasping for air,  screaming like wild banshees, and nearly tossing our Kindles across the living room. This is now two books in a row where you left us huddled under our covers, rocking back and forth, hoping not to end up on the Farm. You need to write faster so that we can find out what happens next in Open Gates! Obviously, you have plans for PJ and her future so I'll trust you to FIX THIS! <See, no spoilers>

A feel ashamed to say that I most likely won't be able to rate this book any higher than I did even though 3.5 stars is considered pretty dang good in my book. Call me a Rebel if you will. I've been called worse and am still alive and kicking. There was just something about this book that just didn't sit right with me. Perhaps it's the fact that I laugh at so called heroines who are supposed to be strong, yet, can't make up their minds between two guys one of who has been on my hate list since Hidden Gates and a certain scene that I can't get out of my head.

The so called heroine who has an internal debate with herself and still she makes silly choices over who she should be with.

"I could remember more than a few times while reading a book or watching a movie, I had laughed and rolled my eyes at the heroine for finding herself in such a situation." 

"Was it possible to love more than one person at the same time? I had always thought it just kind of a convenient notion that authors of novels and screen plays used to amp up intrigue in their stories."

Perhaps it's the fact that I still haven't forgiven a certain someone who shall be not named for believing that any action he makes, is considered okay because of who he is. I'm obviously trusting you to fix the situation with Jenna as well. She needs to be around when all is said and done and maybe, just maybe, you can give her a HEA as well?

Broken Gates pushes the envelope in what P.J. is able to deal with, and yes, she deals with a whole boat load of problems and situations and revelations without fully imploding and falling into a hot mess. The action picks up immediately at the start of Broken Gates and of course, ends with the shot heard round the world! It was even nice to get a brief POV from the head Rider in charge which I wanted to know more about instead of the angst of P.J's emotional situation.

So, in closing, I need Open Gates ASAP! I won't be satisfied until it is in my greedy little hands and I'm sitting back in my recliner anticipating an exciting finale.  Open Gates is expected to release November 2013.

Title - Broken Gates
Author - D.T. Dyllin
Publisher - Dragonfairy Press
Released May 24, 2013
Genre - New Adult Paranormal Romance
Received from Author

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