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Guest Post - What the Feck? By Jennifer @ The Book Nympho


Today is the beginning of my 2 year anniversary of blogging week!

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Romance in Urban Fantasy
Need it? Want it? Forget about it?
by Jennifer (aka The Book Nympho)

Most of us read Urban Fantasy for the world building, kick ass heroines/heroes and the fight scenes. Maybe you read UF because your not really a "romance" reader or you want to take a break from the smexiness of romance genres. BUT what happens when you find yourself continuing an UF series because you want to know if the main characters start playing naked twister between saving the world and cleaning their weapons?

While trying to save the world or taking down the current big bad they find themselves in the middle of an "office romance".  And we all know how some of those office romances can go. The hook up at the company Christmas party only to have an awkward moment the next day standing in line at the copier. But sometimes you end up with a Jim and Pam (The Office) where the couple has many awkward moments and then finally fall in love and you can't wait to see if they can stay together.

So I'm going to share with you some of my favorite romances in UF series.

Mac and Jericho
Fever Series by Karen M. Moning

These two had a long road to get where they are today. Sure there was instant-a-lust but they didn't like or trust each other. Mac and Jericho are like two powerful magnetics; when they are flipped one way they repellent each other but when that lust finally flips them on their other sides you can't tear them apart.

Jericho is an alpha male bastard that Mac can't stand one minute and wants to jump his bones the next minute. (Don't we all)

Mac is a spoiled brat that loves pink but Jericho wants to bend her over and show her what a beast he can be.

Sure the Fever series has outstanding world building and complex storyline but it's the romance element between Mac and Jericho that kept me coming back for more.

Chess and Terrible
Downside Ghosts Series by Stacia Kane

These two could not be more messed up. One is a street thug and the other a pill popper. Should they sound like a match made in low rent housing hood but they are both more than meets the eye.

Chess and Terrible are thrown together working cases on the mean streets of Downside and they are far from the swooning types. But over the course of a VERY gut wrenching relationship they find love.

Downside is a gritty and dark urban fantasy series and the romance between Chess and Terrible shine a little hope onto the dark times. Much like Chess is addicted to her pills, I'm addicted to her romance with Terrible.

Kate and Curran
Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

Much like Mac and Jericho, these two could not stand each other when they first meant. It took Kate and Curran working together and many fights, verbal and physical to spark their romance. Sure they lusted after one another but Kate played hard to get for so long that I kept coming back to see if she would finally given into her lust for the Beast Lord.

Curran was relentless in his chase of Kate. Although I'm sure he would say she chased him.

Gin and Owen
Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep

Gin is a tough as nails assassin that never gives her heart to a man. Her life is too dangerous to slow down for love. Plus if she falls in love that's just a weakness to her enemies. But after making the mistake letting her guard down with one douche bag that will remain nameless, Owen walks into Gin's life.

Owen seems to be the perfect fit for Gin. He expects her for who she is, assassin and all. Then they hit a bump in the road. Now it's all about at seeing if they can get back what they had.

Yeah the Elemental Assassin series is full of great action scenes and bag guys that need killing. Sure the heroine is bad ass. But what about the romance? Will they or won't they?

What do all these series have in common? They are fantastic urban fantasy series with rich characters and world building. Non romance reads will love these. But be warned the action will suck you in and before you know it you are rooting for the romances that develop.

So do you prefer your Urban Fantasy will no or little romance or do you look forward for that romantic build up? What are some of your favorite romances in the UF genre?

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  1. OF COURSE I prefer my UF with a little romance!? Are there people who don't? All that grittiness and awesome battling needs to be softened with some sweet sweet lovin'! You pretty much hit my trifecta with your first three couples, but here are some of my other FAVES:

    Disillusionist Trilogy: Packard and Justine
    Geez these two go through some serious bizarro world HELL in books two and three but it all works out in the end! There were some gut-wrneching moments though! And they have some SERIOUSLY hot smexy times!

    Charley Davidson series: Charley and Reyes
    Reyes one sexy bastard!!! Charley and Reyes are total opposites (one saves souls, the other is the Son of Satan...) but their sexual chemistry is totally combustible. YUM!

    Arcadia Bell series: Lon and Cady
    OMG how cute are these two? A totally mature, romantic couple that hasn't gone through the same strife as other UF couples but still manages to be just as inseparable and sexy. They are a great team in a magical battle too...fight some demons - come home and have sex in the kitchen!

    MacKenzie Lewis series: Aren and MacKenzie
    Oh man, how swoonworthy is Aren? He lays some serious game on MacKenzie, especially in the first book. He is just SO courageous and romantic. Is there anything better than having a completely sexy and honorable man tell you he will never give you up?

    See? How can I not have romance in my UFs? Crazy people.

    1. I agree with 100%. I have to have romance or potential to keep me going. I would also add Cat and Bones and Merrit and Ethan.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am on board with Mac and Barrons, and with Chess and Terrible as well. I think the fact that they didn't really like each other at first is what makes me love them so much. Even if there was lust, there was also a lot of caution.

    Other UF /PN couples I love are Cat and Bones from the Night Huntress series. Bones makes me swoon, and Cat is awesome, I want her has my best friend!

    I also think Louis-Cesar and Dory from Karen Chance's Dorina Basarb series are pretty bad-ass. And it's actually not even completely sure they are a couple yet. I know I would like them to be :D

    I haven't read the Kate Daniels series or the Elemental Assasin series yet, but I have the first book of each on my kindle :)

    Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  3. I'm currently listening to the audios of the elemental assassin series after readong one of the Book nympho's reviews and am loving it and am rooting for Gin and Owen completely. I loved the romance between Kate and Curran in the Kate Daniels series and still have yet to read the other two. Now though, I feel like I have to.

    1. Glad my review turned you on to the Elemental Assassin series!

  4. Need it, want it, gotta have it! But I like it nice and slow, and drawn out over several books.

    I would add Mercy and Adam from the Mercy Thompson series.

    1. I wish Briggs would give us some on page sexy times with Mercy and Adam. LOL

  5. With romance of course. Mac and Barrons take the cake for sure! (A nice pink cake)

  6. With romance of course. Mac and Barrons take the cake for sure! (A nice pink cake)