Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pre-Release Review - Forsaken by the Others by Jess Haines (H&W Investigations # 5)

If you haven't read the H&W Investigations series by Jess Haines yet, you really should. I'm not saying this just because I've hosted Jess on my blog several times (including June 15), or the fact that I've met her in person (Olde Town, New City) or the fact that she's one of the nicest people you will meet and actually takes time to chat with folks on Twitter.

No, I'm saying this because the H&W Investigation series has really caught it's grove and Jess has thrown so many twists, turns, and surprises into her stories, that you are never bored or left wondering what the hell is going on with the story. After reading Forsaken, I'm left gasping for air and wondering what Jess has in her bag of tricks for Shia and gang and how in the hell they're going to get out of THIS problem.

With the release of Forsaken by the Others, things really get interesting for PI Shiarra Waynest and her business partner and best friend Sara Holloway whose appearance in the story made me extremely happy. Jess has really put Shia through the wringer by putting her into difficult and challenging situations to the point where I really want to hug her and send her off on a solo vacation to an island somewhere we she can finally relax and have some fun. Shia's world has been tossed and turned since learning her ex was a were, and then meeting the sexy and sinful vampire Alex Royce who has completely changed her world.

As for Sara, a long resolved mystery is finally revealed and can I say that I was absolutely shocked and stunned? Sara is one of those characters that, although she hasn't been around much, or in danger as much as Shia, is still an important cog in Shia's life and one that I just can't see going away ::fingers crossed::

Forsaken takes Shia and Sara out of the comforts of New York City, and delivers them to Los Angeles, California where things aren't exactly calm amongst the Others. The reasoning behind this cross country adventure is because of Shia's continued involvement with the Others (werewolves, vampires, fae, and warlocks) and thanks to the ultimatum laid out by Alex Royce that she's in serious danger in NYC, and the fact that Shia has put herself into harms way one too many times, and also because Shia is transitioning into something that Jess hasn't revealed to readers yet. Get all that?!

When Shia and Sara get to LA, things really get interesting with a show down with a necromancer and his zombie horde, a reunion with Devon and Tiny (White Hats) who fled NYC, a meeting with really terrifying werewolf named Gavin, and a chance meeting with a really strange vampire by the name of Jimmy Thrane & his horde who comes up with the most ridiculous names ever for Shia & Sara's supposed host and protector Clyde Seabreeze. Yes, Jess, I finally get your joke about Mac & Cheese now. Thanks!

Forsaken reintroduces a really, really evil character and Shia's worse nightmare, and leaves readers in a state of desperation that Jess will quickly write the sequel so that we can find out if anyone has survived the carnage left over by the ending of Forsaken and what is in store next for Shia and Sara.

For fans of the H&W Investigations series, Forsaken is definitely a must read in order to follow Shia's progression as not only a character, but as someone trying to understand how her actions have defined others around her and how she can save those she loves without totally losing her humanity.

Expected publication: July 2nd 2013 by Zebra
Author - Jess Haines
Title - Forsaken by the Others (H&W Investigations # 5)
Publisher - Zebra
Releases - July 2, 2013
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Received from Zebra as part of Blog Tour.


  1. This is a great series and I am looking forward to reading # 5 and more in the future.

  2. I used to love vampires the most. But as more & more paranormal books started being released I fell in love with them all. So I love books that has them all in them the most.