Friday, July 12, 2013

Gizmos Reviews - 15 Day Blogging Challenge Day # 3 - Blogging BFF's

Today's challenge is Who are your Blogging BFFs?

This is an interesting challenge question for me to answer since I've only really met a few people in real life since I started blogging back in 2011. They are Jenese and Jennifer @ BooksMakeMeHappyReviews the organizer of the Olde City, New Blood Convention. I missed out on meeting Christen, Laura, and Melanie who were both in attendance as well. There were plenty more people there, but as a shy dope, I'm have a tendency of hanging out in the back of the room and missing out on connecting with people. 

If you want to call those I connect with through Twitter friends, then I would have to start with Kara who is bloody awesome and Braine @ who intrigued me into reading Tim O-Rourke's series. 

As a blogger, you connect with so many different people from fellow reviewers, authors, and publishers that you click with almost immediately. I can say thanks for putting up with me to a bunch of people but especially Bonnie @ who I've talked to for awhile now and have been Goodreads friends going back a few years now.



  1. I love you too, lady! Thank you for including me. I can't wait to meet you! We must do this soon!

    1. You are more than welcome :) I'm hoping it doesn't take another year for us to meet. Maybe something will come up and I can drive down.

  2. Kara is pretty damn awesome. :)