Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gizmos Reviews - Day 7 Blogging Challenge - Talk About Your Blogging Quirks

Welcome back to those who have been following along!

Today's question is Talk About Your Blogging Quirks
Think Quirks as confessions from the soul.

  • Before posting my review to my blog, I use a word document to ensure that it actually sounds intelligent enough and not babble. Have already seen too many reviews disappear without a trace in not doing it this way.
  • I have a tendency of allowing emotions to get the best of me IE my dislike for insta-lusts, and 3 way love triangles that make no sense, or TSTL heroines who are repetitive in nature.
  • I wish I was more of an advocate for using GIF's in my reviews.
  • I wish I could learn coding and HTML so that I can transfer my blog to Word Press.
  • I find myself counting the number of words I use in a review and usually stop around 500.
  • I wish, all the time, that my reviews would gain more popularity and comments, and find myself crying when a really good review goes unnoticed.
  • I have an EXCEL spreadsheet that tells me what book I SHOULD read next, and when the book actually releases. 
  • I currently have a list of every single author that I follow, and there are a bunch, and go to web pages like http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/ to find out when the next book is schedule to release or if I have missed back installments.
  • I don't do excessive giveaways or author interviews which is probably why I don't have the appropriate number of pageviews for the number of followers I'm supposed to have.
  • I am terrible in remembering to review a book after I read it. (I've gotten better lately, but I am currently way, way behind on my reviews from April through June.
  • I absolutely can not in any way shape or form read a book without making a story page of what is happening with the story, who the characters are, whether they live or die, or whether I want to throttle them. 
  • Fact: I have short term memory loss which goes with the need to take notes.
What are your blogging Quirks?
Do you have any recommendations to help me out? 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I do the Word doc thing too and try to keep my posts from being too long. And though I've tried, I'm still woefully unable to master HTML. Also, I obsessively annotate & note as I read, this helps not only with the reviews, but to refresh if the book is part of a series. The more of these posts I read, the more I realize we bloggers are a quirky lot. :-)

  2. Gah! I am the same on so many of those. Particularly in forgetting to review books after I read them.