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Review - Stalked by Death (Touch of Death #2) by Kelly Hashway

*My Thoughts*

Jodi Meadows is an Ophi or a member of a group of necromancers who were born under the Thirteenth Zodiac Sign called Ophiuchus (November 29 – December 17). She’s also a direct descendant to Medusa, the goddess with snakes for hair and the ability to turn someone to stone with a glare. 

Jodi is a bit different from other Ophi in that she’s got the ability to combine powers with her left side of her body that’s filled with poison with the right side which can heal a person which comes in handy many times over the course of Stalked by Death.

Jodi has a tremendous responsibility now that she’s in charge of the Ophi after agreeing to Hades terms in Touch of Death in lieu of him killing each and every single Ophi in existence. Yeah, Hades isn’t too impressed with those who are able to rip souls right out his grasp in Tartarus and honestly, he’s Hades, can you really expect anything less but evil and destruction from him? Jodi’s responsibility is to gather any and all Ophi and train them before Hades comes back and kills them all off or takes them into Tartarus with one fell swoop.

I actually found myself liking most of the story except the part where a certain lying piece of work and relationship destroyer named Chase shows up and made me lose my stuff. I absolutely lost my marbles and my enjoyment of the book as well. See, I could tell right away that Hashway intended to throw Jodi under the bus and test her relationship with her former stalker Alex. I could also see that someone was pulling his strings and I had a pretty good guess who it was.

I knew that Chase had a few dark secrets that I could not tell you otherwise it would absolutely spoil the story and leave me feeling guilty for doing so. I knew that this would end up being a love triangle of epic proportions and since I hate triangles and insta-lusts, I felt the need to skip over all the touchy feely parts of Chase and Jodi and move on ward. Certain readers will probably love the 3 way love triangle that ends up being a major part of this story. I mean no disrespect to anyone.

I can tell you that things get extremely ugly over the course of this story since Hades is in the background just plotting his ultimate revenge against the Ophi while Chase seems to be pushing Jodi into doing something she has no control over. The ending leaves far reaching implications and questions for the remaining story as well as the remaining Ophi who somehow managed to survive.

The third book in this series, Face of Death, releases in January of 2014 and I’m interesting to see how Hashway ties up Jodi’s story. 

Title - Stalked by Death (Touch of Death # 2)
Author - Kelly Hasway
Publisher; Spencer Hill Press
Releases: August 13, 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal
Received directly from Publisher

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