Monday, November 11, 2013

*Review* Black Heart (Black Wings, #6) by Christina Henry

The sixth installment of the Black Wings series finds former Agent of Death, Madeline Black, trying to avoid being taken by the Agency's Retrievers after she broke the law while helping Lucifer. Just as they arrive at her home and destroy it, she is sent through a portal by Nathaniel to an unknown world light years away from Earth where she must fend for herself now that Beezle and the Scooby Gang have all but abandoned her. 

While on the unknown planet, Maddy is introduced to Lucifer's eldest and most powerful brother Daharan who appears ready and able to help protect Maddy from those who want her dead. There's not a whole lot of background on Daharan other than he can take the shape of a dragon and they apparently have a very strong connection. There are questions that I have however like will Daharan stand with Maddy against Puck and Lucifer when the cards are all on the table or is she up against the wall? What is his long game and does it merit knowing why he is just now showing up? I also want to know what Lucifer was the first of his kind, and will we ever get a chance to see Lucifer and his brothers ancient family? 

Even though the cover has a whole LOT to be desired, Black Heart is really a good name for this story since it dives into Maddy's dark side which came to the forefront while she singlehandedly saved Chicago in Black City. While trying to keep the darkness at bay and remain a good person and save as many innocents as she can, she is also trying hard to protect her unborn baby that is growing faster than she could ever have imagined. Maddy is one of those characters who acts out first, and then thinks about the consequences of her actions later. As Beezle says "Maddy is like the Hulk in that she likes to crash and bash and worry about the consequences later." 

If you have read this series from the beginning, you know that Maddy has gone up against some major players and walked away relatively unscathed. Henry actually does a summary of each and every single villain that has crossed Maddy's path and found themselves coming out on the losing end. I think this was a fantastic idea since I had forgotten more than a few of the named characters who Maddy has put down over the course of six novels.

But, the more enemies she defeats, the more dangerous her enemies become, and she realizes that they are playing a long game, whereas she is looking for a quick resolution to her problems. There is Lucifer who is eagerly rubbing his hands together knowing that he is close to getting what he wants from Maddy every time she uses her darkness. Next comes Puck who is definitely the catalysis for a bunch of Maddy's problems and seems to have the advantage at the moment but I would definitely LOVE to see a battle royal between them. We still do not know what Alerian wants from Maddy since he has only briefly appeared, and now we have the mysterious Daharan. 

I am a reader who is conflicted over Nathaniels behavior over the past several books and his apparent come to Jesus makeover and intent on staying right by Maddy's side through all sorts of stormy weather. I still remember what happened when Maddy's father Azazel tried to force them into marriage. I remember wanting to tear his eyes out and feed them to the Retrievers. So, now that he is apparently all powerful and coming into his own, we are seeing Maddy and Nathaniel come closer together which I am not yet ready to accept even if others, including Gabriel, want her to. 

In the end, I like that Maddy has come into her powers and is a force to be reckoned with but wonder how much longer she can restrain herself. I am a bit pensive about so many people knowing Maddy's identity and what she has accomplished. I like that Beezle isn't a complete tool who completely abandoned his charge when the weather is stormy. I like that Daharan is apparently on Maddy's side and that the Retrievers true identity has been revealed. With Puck at the forefront, and Titiana and Maddy having a final showdown, and Lucifer sitting on the sidelines watching Maddy's transformation, the final novels in this series should be an interesting ride. 

*Recvd via NetGalley 10/29/2013* Released: October 29th 2013 by Ace

Author - Christina Henry
Title - Black Heart (Black Wings # 6)
Publisher - Penguin/ACE
Released - October 29, 2013
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Recvd via Netgalley from publisher


  1. Oh nice review! Looking forward to reading this one myself as well! Have loved this series from the beginning! Glad you mentioned Nathaniel! I thought I was the only one having uneasy feelings about him and what a douche he was in the beginning. He's definitely changed. Can't wait to read this one! Once again, great review!

  2. I quit this series a few installments back, it just got to be too over-the-top for me, I had a hard time taking the heroine seriously. Your rating leads me to believe that it hasn't gotten much better. o_O