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*Review* The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney

After coming across The Brokenhearted via Epic Reads #TeaTime feature and requesting it via Edelweiss/Harper Collins back in April (2013), I went into the story with eyes wide open, and not reading any reviews of the book until after I was finished. The concept behind The Brokenhearted is fascinating, as well as the intent to link this story to the Dark Knight and Cress. But, the story could have used a major tweak in several key plot areas and the world building and in the end, is pretty predictable in scope and intent.

17-year old Anthem Fleet lives the life of a spoiled rich kid who has to have a bodyguard (Serge) take her to school and everywhere else. Even though she is headed towards graduating from HS as a valedictorian, she truly believes that she is the replacement child for her parents first daughter who tragically drowned leaving her mother devastated and addicted to all sorts of drugs. She's a prima ballerina who has been training all her life for a chance to make it to the big leagues as well as winning the prized slot for Giselle. Her parents are major movers and shakers in Bedlam and they offer her not only protection, but I truly believed that they loved Anthem for who she is, and not because she is the replacement daughter. 

Apparently from what I can glean from the story, there was a major uprising by the poor folk on the South side that left the city of Bedlam torn in half. There was also an person named The Hope who fought for the people against tyranny and injustice and the Syndicate before he died although the story never does get around to answering the question about how he died. The Syndicate now runs everything from prostitution, to drug trafficking, to human trafficking, to having major key players with money in key positions around the city. 

One night while out with her bestie Zahra Turk, Anthem meets a mysterious man named Gavin who she ends up with in all ways. Yes, even that way. When "kidnappers" break into Gavin's apartment, Anthem is sent running home for ransom money and ends up tragically falling to her death, only to wake up fundamentally changed with a new heart and super hero abilities and two new "friends" in Ford and Jax as well as the support and help from Serge who I really liked.

Without delving into the rest of the story and Anthem's antics as a pseudo superhero, I'll just say that the story slowly reveals the changes done to Anthem's body and mindset and her desire to bring justice to the Syndicate who have brought plenty of problems with them. She understands that even though she is an unwilling participant in what happened to her, she may be the solution and answer to people's prayers. She also has to deal with the meddling and interference of Will Hansen into her affairs. Will is an arrogant prick and I had high hopes that Kahaney was going to make him one of those who doesn't make it until the end of the story. One can still hope.

There are more than a few questions remaining after turning the last few pages of The Brokenhearted. As I don't see where it is mention that this is part of a series, or trilogy, or whatever, I will be left wondering if Kahaney plans on writing a sequel for this book or will she leave it there and let readers fumble around in the dark trying to figure out who are the keys to the Syndicate are and whether or not her family is involved, and what Anthem, Jax, Ford, and Serge intend to do about it.

Overall I give The Brokenhearted C+ for effort. 

*Recvd via Edelweiss 04/12/2013* Released: October 8th 2013 by HarperTeen

Author - Amelia Kahaney
Title - The Brokenhearted
Publisher - Harper Teen
Released October 8, 2013
Genre - YA Science Fiction
Recvd via Edelweiss from Publisher

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  1. I wanted this to turn out to be such an awesome book. It seems like the book needs to be called The Halfhearted.