Wednesday, January 22, 2014

*Early Review* Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky #3) by Veronica Rossi

*My Thoughts*

Thank you Veronica Rossi for providing readers with a finale that not only didn't waste our time or take up valuable reading space, but, kept us entertained from the first page until the last with plenty of challenges to keep our heroes and heroines busy. I have had a variety of not so enjoyable reads recently when it came to series finales, but, Into the Still Blue mixes the perfect blend of action, adventure, romance, and suspense with two very likable characters in Aria and Peregrine (Perry for those not in the know), and very solid supporting cast including the villains.

ITSN picks up immediately where its predecessor left off with Aria being severely hurt, Roar and Perry at each others throats because of Liv's loss, Cinder having been taken by Sable & Hess because of his ability to connect to the Aether, the Aether growing more dangerous by the day and food supplies running short with the survivors living in the cave, and the Dwellers basically sitting around feeling sorry for themselves, and not offering anything to the situation they find themselves in except Soren.

In a desperate mission to rescue Cinder so that they can find the Blue and have a future, Aria, Perry, Roar, and Soren go up against Hess and Sable and their minions which includes an individual Aria is understandably curious about. Into the Still Blue is once again told from the dueling POV's of Aria and Perry. I respect Rossi's decision to tell the story from two different prospectives. After all, you would miss a great deal of what happens when the two are separated and are forced to face difficulties without the other to save them if that weren't the case.

I think one of the best things Rossi does is connect the characters even though they are from different backgrounds and abilities. I like the connection between Aria and Roar. It reads as though they are best friends, or even siblings. Their time together facing Sable and losing Liz had a lot to do with cementing their feelings of friendship towards the other and the loss they both experienced binds them together like Perry and Roar have been since childhood. I liked that Roar and Perry had issues that they needed to get through and was glad that they were just thrown together once again and didn't have to think about what Liv's loss meant to everyone around them.

I think the ending was probably the best that you could ask for. The loose ends are tied up, the Blue is revealed, and perhaps a chance at unity for a civilization that has survived years of mistrust and anxiety towards the other can be healed and they can move onward together. I think that Aria is probably the stronger character this time around and that shows that she is capable of growing up, and leading people and not just sit by and watch others. Perry, of course, is masterful and awesome, and a fantastic character. 

Author - Veronica Rossi
Title - Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky # 3)
Published by Harper Collins
Released January 28, 2014
Genre - Dystopian
Received via Edelweiss/Publisher

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