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*Gizmos Reviews* Early Review of Killer Frost (Mythos Academy #6) by Jennifer Estep

*My Thoughts*

*Thank you, Jennifer Estep for providing me a hard copy of Killer Frost!*

Killer Frost is the final installment in the Mythos Academy series and will go down in my book as one of the better series finales by a author who I've come to respect and follow like a camel being led to water and happily drinking from the pond to get my fill. I have to say that I am officially feeling better about reading series finales after reading Three by Kristen Simmons yesterday (02/13/2014), and now Killer Frost today (02/14/2014). There's no shenanigan's, or what if's, or characters losing their minds, and finding their loves 10 years later. 

Since being told by Nike that she's destined to be the one to kill Loki, Gwen Frost has felt like she's had the whole world on her shoulders. Only a few people know Gwen's secret and it is absolutely driving her crazy that she's keeping it from her closest friends. How can a 17-year old Gypsy girl have the power to stop a GOD? What is it going to take to stop Loki and his reapers before they destroy the world? Will she finally have her revenge on Vivian, or will she end up another fated champion who died before they had a chance to live their own lives?

Gwen, with her blood thirsty sword Vic on hand, has a strong desire to do the right thing even though sometimes she questions why she was chosen by Nike in the first place. Alongside Gwen as always, are her trusty friends Logan Quinn, Daphne Cruz, Carson Callahan, Oliver Hector, Alexi Sokolov, Professor Aurora Metis, Nicamedes, Nyx, and of course, Gwen's amazing Grandmother who gets her own chance to face Loki and the Reapers.

You need to give Killer Frost a chance to get through some emotional stuff before Estep jumps into the final battle between Gwen and Loki. If you've followed this series closely, you know that Gwen has a tendency of keeping things close to her chest, and then finding out that she's not all that great at deception and keeping secrets. Her friends have come to know her little quirks and accept her as part of their inner circles and would jump through fire in order to help her.

One of the emotional issues Killer Frost has to resolve is between Logan and Gwen and the fact that Logan is still a bit on the depressing side and hasn't forgiven himself for his actions. Even though Gwen has moved on after being attacked by Logan, Logan is still a shadow of his former self but thankfully, he does get a chance to redeem himself. Thankfully, there is a whole lot of stuff going on that takes Logan and Gwen's mind off the mundane, and puts it squarely on their main nemeses; Loki, Agrona Quinn, and Vivian Holler who has been a thorn in Gwen's side for a very long time now. 

I write this review knowing that I am treading a very thin line on what to put in my review, and what to leave out for fear of spoiling this last book for you. Never fear dear readers, my aim is true, and if I do travel across that red line, I am hoping that you will let me know about it gently. I don't want to discuss all the intricacies about who survived and who didn't.

I don't want to discuss the ending, or whether or not Gwen, Logan, Daphne, and Carson get a HEA. I shall let your minds wonder, and hope that you too will find Killer Frost enjoyable and a fitting conclusion to the series like I did. I will say that I was happy that Estep included Gwen's cousin Rory Forseti and the gryphons and perhaps we can maybe look forward to a spin-off featuring Rory in the future since she's got more than a few challenges to face in her own life.

On a honest note, I was truly hoping for a cross-over appearance by Gin Blanco from Estep's Elemental Assassin series. I totally wanted to see Gwen and Gin fight some reapers back to back and then enjoy some nice barbecue sandwiches, with cheese fries, and perhaps a slice of hot apple pie with ice cream on top. Yes, I know, my mind tends to wonder to weird and strange places!

*Recvd via NetGalley 01/09/2014* Expected publication: February 25th 2014 by K-Teen

Author - Jennifer Estep
Title - Killer Frost (Mythos Academy # 6)
Published by Kensington Teen
Releases: February 25, 2014
Genre - YA Paranormal
Received via author Jennifer Estep


  1. A great review! I've already preordered Killer Frost and can't wait to read it!