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*Gizmos Book Reviews* The Lair (The Farm #2) by Emily McKay

*My Thoughts*

The Lair (The Farm #2) picks up approximately ONE week after the conclusion of The Farm. Things have changed for our three main characters Mel, Lily, and Carter. As with The Farm, McKay has created an interesting world where deviant creatures called Ticks, now roam freely across the former United States thanks to a new blood virus created by a megalomaniac vampire.

Teenagers are sent to FARMS where they are supposed to be safe until they reach maturity at EIGHTEEN, but are used to feed the Ticks with their blood. Humans have started a rebellion under the leadership of Carter, but they're not gaining any traction against the Ticks who continue to terrorize the survivors, or the supposed vampire responsible for creating the Tick blood virus. The main question still remains: who created the tick blood virus, and why? If this vampire created the virus, does he/she have the cure? Could the Tick-pocalypse have been avoided in the first place? Who was the abducturae who worked with the vampire to bring humanity to its knees?

Mel Price, who once had autism and is struggling with Lily's so called betrayal, has become a vampire and is being trained by her mentor, and sire Sebastian. Mel's point of view, in my humble opinion, was the most interesting because she transforms the most before our eyes. She becomes a hunter, killer, and above all, a true vampire because of the guidance, and yes, perhaps a bit of blackmail, and pushing by Sebastian to put away her humanity. It was interesting to see an entirely new character from the one in The Farm who had relied on her twin sister Lily to keep her safe from harm while on the Farm, and in the BEFORE. I truly hope that Mel is the primary POV in The Vault

The one thing that bugged me the most about The Lair was the change in point of views. Now, it is Carter Olson that we see in the first POV, while Mel and Lily are third POV. Carter, the so called leader of the rebellion, is so intent on keeping Lily safe, that he doesn't understand that there are people relying on him. When Ticks attack the rebellion stronghold, Carter's will and testament are tested to the fullest. His relationship with Lily is one that is pretty fierce, and you can tell that neither character is willing to give up any ground, regardless of how desperate the situation becomes. There is also a DEEP mystery that surrounds Carter that I am absolutely looking forward to McKay explaining more in The Vault. One can only hope that his and Lily's relationship doesn't go down in utter ruin thanks to silly inconsequential decisions. 

Lily is a tough character to swallow at times. Just when I am applauding her determination, and her desire to put herself into a position to help out the rebellion, she down shifts into first gear and I feel the need to slap her. Her relationship with McKenna is the most enlightening. Here are two characters that couldn't stand each other in the BEFORE. They became friends, and Lily's determination to help her friend in her time of need (being pregnant in a world that doesn't have a bright future), is heart warming. Of course, Lily also has the most to lose in this book, and it is her fate, that leads into The Vault. Will she survive, or will she become like Mel? Is there really a cure? Who really has the cure, and what will Carter, Lily, and Mel have to do to gain access to it?

The author has left us with NUMEROUS questions with her cliffhanger ending; What actually happens to all the EIGHTEEN year old's that are forced to leave the Farm? Are we to believe what we read at the end of this book, or were you throwing us off a major surprise revelation? How many more survivors are there, and can they help stem the tide against the Ticks? Who is the TRUE abductura, and will they really be able to save humanity? 

Author - Emily McKay
Title - The Lair (The Farm # 2)
Published by Berkley Trade
Released: November 5, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Post-Tickpocalypse
Format: Paperback 432 pages

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