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*Gizmos Book Reviews* Demon's Vow (The Asylum Tales #3.2) by Jocelynn Drake

**I received this book for free from Harper Voyager Impulse via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


Tattoo artist and warlock Gage is having a rough week. He’s trying to track down a mysterious murderer in Low Town while also chasing a powerful entity using forbidden Death Magic across the nation. When Gage discovers the two forces may be trying to unite, the stakes get even higher. With Gideon’s help, Gage is determined to stop the murderers before anyone else gets hurt – including his girlfriend, Trixie.

*My Thoughts*

Demon's Vow is part II of a III part finale to The Asylum Tales. This story picks up right where Demon's Fury left off. Warlock/Tattoo Artist Gage Powell's world has been thrown into a tail spin with Trixie's shocking news and intentions and the fact that he's up to his eye balls in magical troubles with no real solutions in sight. The more he digs for answers, the more twisted the secrets become. The more dangerous Gage's life becomes searching for a bit of hope, the less likely that Gage will end up with a happy ending. 

Gage continues to work with Gideon to track down a vicious killer who apparently is heading straight for Low Tow after leaving a stack of bodies in its wake. Low Town currently has its own problems with more women being killed, or vanishing into thin air. Gage, I think, could have been a really awesome warlock, like he is a tattoo artist and potion stirrer, had he been properly trained and not escaped from the Ivory Towers or ignored by his now dead mentor Simon Thorn. I like the fact that Gage can admit that he's basically a student, and Gideon is the teacher/mentor who hesitates in teaching Gage anything.

If you have read this series, you know that Gage has had more than his share of troubles, some by his own silly choices, some because the Ivory Towers are a bunch of power hungry beings who destroy entire cities if someone sneezes incorrectly. The last straw for Gage was being blackmailed by the Tower into becoming a part-time guardian after 10 years of being free. Gage's only hope for escaping the Towers, is finding a way to destroy them, and to protect people from their long reach.

Gage once again works alongside TAPPS investigator Serah Moynahan who has become a critical part of this final serial whether she likes it or not. Serah has had way more storyline than either Bronx, or Trixie at this point in the serial finale, but I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining because I still haven't forgiven Trixie, and wouldn't be surprised at this point at what happens to her. I'm not complaining because Serah has kept things hopping along, rather than bringing the story to a halt. 

Drake still hasn't soothed my feelings of major uneasiness over the final installment, or what will happen to Gage's friends when all is said and done. She's leaving dangerous situations lurking in the background, but only giving us bits and pieces, bread crumbs if you will, to figure out what will happen next. I hesitate to read the final installment for fear that I will be left disappointed. 

Onward to Inner Demon (The Asylum Tales #3.3) ::Fingers crossed::

Author - Jocelynn Drake
Title - Demons Vow (The Asylum Tales #3.2)
Published by Harper Voyager Impulse
Releases: October 21, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: E-Book, 96 pages

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  1. Eep! Now I'm kinda scared to move to this one! Sounds like things get intense! And what is up with Trixie?! I'm waiting until all these are out to buy, and can only remember Trixie and Gage starting a relationship of sorts and now they're on the fritz?! Eep!!

    Great review though! So can't wait to read this one as well!