Tuesday, January 6, 2015

*Early Book Review* Fight for Power (Rule of Three #2) by Eric Walters

Series: Rule of Three
Format: E-Book, 352 pages
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Genre: Young Adult, Post-Apocalyptic

*Book Blurb*

The world keeps getting darker in this second reality-based survival adventure in the Rule of Three trilogy.

After sixty-six days of a catastrophic global blackout, life in the suburbs is not what it used to be for Adam and his fortified neighborhood of Eden Mills. Although an explosive clash has minimized one threat from outside the walls, Adam’s battle-hardened mentor, Herb, continues to make decisions in the name of security that are increasingly wrenching and questionable. Like his police chief mom and others, Adam will follow Herb’s lead. But when the next threat comes from an unexpected direction, nobody is ready for it. And someone is going to pay the price—because of Adam’s mistakes and mistaken trust.

*My Thoughts*

Fight for Power (Rule of Three #2) is the sequel to The Rule of Three. In fact, Fight for Power picks up right at the very same scene where Rule left off. Fight for Power is told in the first person narrative by 16-year old Adam Daley. Lead by the secretive Herb, and Adam's mother, the residents of Eden Mills have fought back a bloody invasion by The Division. Yet, nobody really believes they are truly safe from yet another group trying to take what they've created.

It has been 66 days since the catastrophic global blackout caused by a virus, or something more sinister occurred. Unless I missed it, we've never been given a real reason why the system came crashing down. In the interim, Adam's father is still missing, gangs of armed people are scavenging for the ability to survive, stranglers have found the walled neighborhood of Eden Mills with its 1600 residents, and like the book blurb says, the enemy is everywhere and could be anyone.

Let's talk about Adam for a moment. Even though Adam is a mostly boring character, he has found himself at the table with the adults. With his ability to fly anything from a ultralight to a Cessna, his stock continues to rise and not everyone is happy about it. Adam is far from being another Herb. Herb has years of secrets and coffins buried in his backyard, while Adam is trying to keep looking on the positive side. He retains his relationship with Lori, and makes some wise recommendations when it comes to certain stragglers who need Eden's help. While Adam isn't afraid to kill someone to survive, it's not something that drives him to bloodlust.

"The best sociopaths are those who can convince others that they're not. They usually end up making wonderful politicians."

I think that if you've read the first book, you will have indications as to whom you should be weary of. I will say that Fight didn't necessarily appeal to my sense of action and adventure as much as Rule did. Fight is more of a story about what life in a post-apocalyptic America could be like if there were no computers, electricity, sanitation, water, or food distribution. Walters explores what life outside the gates of Eden Mills is like, and it's not a pretty tale. He also throws readers for a loop by telling you straight up that you really shouldn't be surprised when something shocking happens.

Fight for Power ends exactly like Power did. With a cliffhanger. Presumably, there will be a third installment unless sales tank, and the publisher decides to withdraw support. I will say if that happens, I will be hard pressed not to reduce my rating. In the end, Walters gives readers a glimmering moment of pure joy, while crushing your hearts with a sledgehammer in the next. I'll be curious to see how this trilogy ends, and whether everyone I've come to like actually survives until the very last page is turned.

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