Monday, March 9, 2015

*Gizmos Survey Time*

Hello, dearest followers!

Today, I am asking you to please help me with a few questions about Gizmos Book Reviews. 
I would love to read your thoughts, and your opinions on what you like, or don't like about this blog. As I am sure you know, June will be my 4th blogging anniversary, and where I take this blog from here forward, is entirely up to you. Please, please be honest with your answers. I will not shout, cry, complain, and respond in any negative way. If anything, your answers/responses may lead to a complete revamp of this blog, or just reviewing for the fun of it on Goodreads. 

1. What do you like about Gizmos Book Reviews?

2. Is there anything that you dislike about Gizmos Book Reviews?

3. Is there anything in particular you would like to see more of on Gizmos?

4. What are your thoughts on my reviews? Just right. Too spoiler-y. etc.

5. If you had the time, would you want to become a part time reviewer for Gizmos?

6. Do you think Gizmos offers the right amount of giveaways, or too little?

7. Would you like to see more Q&A with authors, or other bloggers?

8. Were you aware that I also review for Talk Supe Book Blog?

9. Do you think perhaps my Stacking the Shelves posts are a bit too much?

10. Do you currently have your own blog? (Please link me!)

11. Is there something that you've seen on other blogs, that may work here?

12. If I were to start a Steampunk Saturday feature, would you stop by?

Thank you so much for your time!


  1. Well, I love your reviews. They're always so honest and I do hope you continue blogging! I didn't know you also review for Talk Supe Book Blog! You're a reviewing machine, Shelley. :D I love the idea of Steampunk Saturday. Steampunk is one of those genres I'd love to get into more but am not quite sure where to start. Would love reading your input on that! :)

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Braine does a Steampunk Sunday, and I wanted to do something similair.

  2. I love this blog too! It has a "specialty" like YA fantasy esp dystopia. When there's a dystopic book out, I'll be sure to find that here. Maybe that's a genre you can corrall?

    I suggest you maybe switch things up a bit, do fun interviews like quick ones. Try different styles of reviewing like ennumerate instead of narrate. That should make it easier for you too!

    Also giveaways are good in that it attracts views. It's like marijuana, giveaways are great gateways for them to come see what you have to offer and if they like it, they'll stay and return again and again. The challenge is making them click that link and visit at least one time.