Saturday, April 4, 2015

*Book Review* Hunting Season by Nikki Jefford

Series: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter # 4
Publisher: Nikki Jefford
Source: Nikki Jefford
Format: E-Book, 320 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

It’s better to be a hunter, not prey.

Ever since her partner was kidnapped, Aurora Sky has been on a personal mission to get him back. To do that she needs the vampire responsible for destroying her life.

In order to have a snowball’s chance at success, she’ll have to team up with her most loyal friends, including a certain vampire in black with a provoking talent for distraction.

Old cravings aren’t easily quenched, nor past passions. With knowledge comes danger and Aurora is at risk on all sides.

Hunting Season is the FOURTH installment in the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series by Nikki Jefford. Picking up where Bad Blood left off, Dante is still missing after being caught by Giselle, and Aurora has finally been told the truth about what she really is. As a background, Aurora has been through a whole lot since she "died" in a car accident 10 months ago and was forced into joining a secretive government agency intent on wiping out dangerous vampires. This comes with lots of secrets that are slowly being revealed, including some regarding Jared and Agent Melcher.

The vampire hunters are all unique in that they ALL have AB positive or negative blood. With a simple bite from a vampire on one of the hunters necks like Aurora, they become easier to kill. Aurora, Dante, and Valerie Ward are all hunters, while Noel Harper is an informant who has totally changed since discovering the truth about what really happened to her. There have been other secondary characters introduced, but needless to say, they've found their way off stage quickly.

Going into Hunting Season, and apparently straight through to Whiteout (Aurora # 5), there are plenty of questions to go around. Will Aurora and her new "friends" finally get the answers they need? Will they bring down the one vampire, Jared, who has caused so much pain and suffering to EVERYONE involved in this story? Will Aurora rekindle her feelings for Fane, or will Dante win out in the end? Will Aurora, Noel, Dante, and Valerie find a way to their own happy endings by bringing down Melcher's group, or will they burn out and fade away like those left in Valerie's dust?

Let's get to the meat and potatoes of this story. Aurora is still under a microscope by some powerful vampires, who know she was involved somehow in the murder of a vampire. But, she's got more important things on her mind like finding a way to capture Jared, and trade him to Giselle for Dante's release. I dare say that Noel has come a long way, so has her relationship with Aurora after finding out that they are both the same. Noel has taken the news a whole lot better than Aurora has. That's not hyperbole. That's just fact. I do appreciate that the subterfuge between the two has been resolved essentially without any bloodshed.

Aurora's relationship with Fane is apparently back on after being in the dumpster for several books. If you think Valerie will remain silent, you are deeply in denial. Jefford does a bit of recap on how Fane became a vampire, and how he met Joss. I think this was a good time for the reminiscing since Aurora is having a hard time understanding her situation, or being around others who can't even start to imagine all the crap she's been put through. Aurora's entire way of thinking has to change or she will not last as long as Fane, or Joss have.

On my final note, I dare say I am a bit disappointed in this installment. I want a reconciliation on Jared's storyline asap. Hanging around for FIVE books doesn't nothing for my blood pressure or stress level. I also wish that Aurora would just make a final choice between Dante and Fane and be done with it. I don't need this angst hanging over Aurora's attempt at escaping the chains that bind her to Melcher. It's scary to say, but I actually am glad that Giselle is looking at more participation, especially now that the cat has been let out of the bag about Melcher, and Aurora and crew know they are in for a very long haul if they expect to survive.

Next in Series: Whiteout # 5 releases June 20, 2015

**I received this book for free from Nikki Jefford in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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