Saturday, April 11, 2015

*Gizmos Book Review* Claimed by Sarah Fine

Series: Servants of Fate # 2
Publisher: 47North
Released: March 24, 2015
Source: NetGalley
Format: e-book, 332 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance

*Book Blurb*

Galena Margolis, a brilliant scientist with a tragic past, is determined to fulfill her destiny and develop the vaccine that could save millions. Yet when Galena’s test subjects meet with foul play, it’s clear that someone is still determined to stop her, and that Galena herself is a target. As the Ferry empire forges a plan to keep her safe, Declan Ferry, the politics-hating black sheep of the family, steps forward to protect her—but the emotional cost may be more than either of them is willing to pay.

As unknown enemies close in, it becomes terrifyingly clear that they threaten to destroy not only Galena’s lifesaving work but also the very fabric of fate. As Galena and Declan race to uncover the traitor, they also forge a special bond that could save both Galena and those she’s sworn to help. Torn apart by the past and hunted by those she trusted, can Galena find room amidst her fears for a passion that could make her stronger than ever? And even if she and Declan can find their way together, will it be enough to keep the future from coming apart at the seams?

Claimed is the second installment in the Servants of Fates series by Sarah Fine. This time around, Fine tells her story through Galena Margolis, the older sister of Eli Margolis, and Declan Ferry, the older brother of Cacy Ferry who we met in Marked. I will say this folks, Fine knows how to write romantic stories, and characters that you can easily understand and cheer for.

Galena Margolis arrived in Boston with her brother Eli to continue her research in changing the world. Her vaccine may save millions of lives, but there are those who are willing to do anything they can to stop her before her vaccine is released into the world. Galena has already faced death in the face, and thanks to Declan's actions, was saved. Now, she's being giving another challenge; be claimed by Declan so that those who are out to kill her, will have a harder time of it. Galena hasn't exactly had a fantastic life and I am glad that Fine catches readers up with what happened to her 2 years ago, and why she's so shy about being around others, including Declan. Although I totally hate the idea of using rape in a story, I think Fine did a fairly respectable job of not covering up the horror of what Galena faced, or her challenges of putting the entire event behind her.

In Declan Ferry, Fine has created one of the most amazing male characters that I've had the pleasure of reading in a very long time. I dare say that my rating is based on Declan's ability to prove that not all men are out for sex, or to claim their next mate by use of arrogance, angst, and he man hero bullshit that others in the PNR genre thrive on. Declan lives like as he wants to. Even though he's Chief Paramedic, and also responsible for guiding souls to the Afterlife destinations, he doesn't play the political games, and isn't out to make himself richer than he already is. He doesn't want any part of his family's business, and has tried to live up to his fathers last words; "Protect her (Galena) and you protect the future." Kind of hard having that much responsibility fall on ones shoulders, but Declan never once hesitates, or waffles, or makes up excuses for what he's doing.

I have to say that I really loved the romance between Declan and Galena. Declan was not out to push Galena into anything, but made her choose when and where she would finally get over her reluctance and hesitation to be touched and loved. The couple slowly inches their way into love, which is how I like my romances. I do believe that both characters deserve the happiness they've found despite all the heartache, and trouble that has been forced on them.

Claimed really does follow in Marked's footsteps. You can't really know what's happening in Claimed, or who the characters are, unless you've read Cacy and Eli's story. Everything that happened in THAT book, continues in Claimed. Cacy, Eli, Aislin Ferry, and Jason Moros all return in Claimed, and even though their parts are smaller, Cacy and Eli's participation does matter, and so does Rylan's. Things have definitely gone a bit darker in this installment with someone playing with Moros's Kere's and focusing a whole lot of attention on Galena.

I definitely look forward to the next installment in this series called Fate which is supposed to release later on in 2015. Fine's world is on the brink. There are more time bombs just waiting to go off for the next cast of characters to deal with. The cliffhanger ending kind of gives you an idea of who we will be reading about next. We definitely need more of Jason Moros, and what is happening to his Kere's.

**I received this book for free from (47North) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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