Wednesday, June 17, 2015

*Book Review* Infinite by Erica Crouch (Young Adult)

Series: Ignite # 3
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Released: June 16, 2015
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: E-galley, 291 pages  
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

There are infinite ways to die, and the fates are calling for blood. After evading Azael since her betrayal, it’s finally time for Pen to stop running and face her desperate brother. But she won’t have to challenge him alone: the rebel army of New Genesis is ready to stand strong and fight to secure the future they believe in. 

As Azael spirals deeper and deeper into darkness, and Pen grapples with her new leadership role, a familiar name rises to power whose decisions have the potential to rewrite everyone’s future. Dangerous secrets, silent traitors, and unraveling fates means that time is running out. There’s no telling who will survive the final battle.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Ignite series, Pen and Azael return to finish what they started over a millennia ago.

Infinite is the final installment of the Ignite trilogy by Erica Crouch. I had a bit of difficulty in putting together my thoughts for this book, but it finally all came together late Sunday evening. No, I didn't hate the book. In fact, the ending was really good, and emotional, and leaves you with plenty of feelings long after you've read the last sentence. I liked how different aspects of this series were finally revealed, but left a sense that not everything is right in the world, and there's always room for more story.  

The part that diverted me off the tracks was Lilith's narrative. Boy did Crouch go dark with this character. I'm not saying that the rest of the series didn't border on the macabre or had moments of bloodshed, but once you start getting inside of Lilith's head, and her desires, you really have to shake yourself from being lured straight down into Hell itself. I actually found myself wondering why Crouch spent so much time with Lilith while Penn and Azael were working things out with their respective sides. Then after pausing a few days before writing this, I could actually see her point. I hope others do as well.

Pen and Azael and Michael will finally get their chance to meet on the battle field. Will anyone survive the encounter, or will someone else interfere? Will Michael get his soul back from Azael and have his happy ending, or will Azael get his revenge on the Angel who swayed his sister to the light? I never expected Crouch to throw me for a loop by how she wraps up the twins conflict. I can't imagine going through what Pen had to do, or how far Azael allowed himself to spiral out of control because of his jealously and anger. I do think it was the perfect way to end things. One must make hard choices before moving on with their lives. 

Of course, the main part of this story is the war between Heaven, Hell, and the New Genesis rebels who have both angels and demons fighting alongside. With Pen and Michael as members of this group, there is hope that eventual changes will take place in Heaven. Changes that Pen and Michael have talked about since the very first book when Pen discovered that she hadn't fallen into complete darkness like Azael had. I liked that Michael allowed Pen to feel something for the first time since she fell. I like that she has allies she can count on, and not just Michael by her side.

I give Crouch credit. When she wrote about the war between the sides, she didn't hold anything back. Friends die. That's actually what happens during a real war situation. It's not anything like what's depicted on TV, or in the Movies. There are always consequences when two powerful sides go head to head with the entire world at stake. I do think that there could have been more fight scenes had a chapter or two of Lilith's been diverted. I do think that there could have been some awesome aerial action scenes as well. After all, the Angels and Demons both had WINGS!

Overall, the Ignite series was an entertaining read with plenty of action, plenty of romance, and plenty of twists that you definitely won't see coming. If you like Angels v Demons, and Good v Evil, then you will enjoy Crouch's world, and her characters.

**I received this book for free from (Patchwork Press) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review**

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