Friday, July 10, 2015

#Review - Chasing Daybreak by Ranae Glass (Urban Fantasy)

Series: The Dark of Night # 1
Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing
Release Date: March 24, 2015
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle, 247 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Isabel Stone wanted a normal life. But when the unexpected death of her father leaves her at the helm of the family business, things quickly go from weird to worse. Vampires are on the loose and out of the coffin, and only Isabel can walk the fine line between the world of the living and the world of the undead. 

Torn between letting go of her past and embracing her future, Isabel will have to decide who she can trust, and be willing to use all the weapons at her disposal, to get to the bottom of a terrifying string of deaths that lead right to her doorstep—before she becomes the next victim. In a city where nothing is what it seems, ending up the target of a deranged killer might actually be the high point of her week. Because in this town, the things that go bump in the night… just might kill you.

Chasing Daybreak, by Ranae Glass, is the first book in what appears to be FOUR books in a series called The Dark of Night. The story features 22-year old Isabel Stone who is a human protagonist, and private investigator. She gave up being a teacher to take over her fathers business after he suddenly passed away. She's even been called the "midget bounty hunter" because of her petite stature. Isabel, who apparently has no supernatural abilities, takes on normal and supernatural cases to help support her family. 

Her partner, Shane Brooks, is a vampire and her ex-fiance who lives in Isabel's attic. Shane was actually attacked and turned on the day they were supposed to be married. After Isabel and Shane survive being burned to death by an arsonist, they pick up the case of a missing woman who vanished into thin air leaving a family to wonder what really happened to her. If finding the missing woman wasn't enough, Isabel starts finding bodies piling up on her front porch. Who is leaving them there, and why? 

There is a bit of a twisted romance in Chasing Daybreak which really didn't float my boat. But, whatever. The point is that Isabel who is funny, sarcastic, strong and responsible, may, or may not still have feelings for Shane. The same Shane who has a new girlfriend who is like a fungus that gets deep under your toenails and you need special medication to get rid of her. Then, if that weren't serious enough, Xavier Ambrose, Chancellor of the Vampire Council, believes that Isabel is interested in him enough to WOO her. Yes, I did say WOO. Moving on...

Should I talk about Isabel's strange family including her 3 younger sisters and her mother? Should I mention that Glass portrays the family as being ITALIAN even though the name STONE is English in origin? Shall I mention little sister Heather who knows things because she claims she's psychic? Shall we mention that even though the story is filled with vampires, and vampire hating humans, there might be a surprise tertiary character as well? 

Chasing Daybreak is currently FREE for Kindle & Nook & Kobo.
Chasing Midnight up next.

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