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#Review - Renegade by Kerry Wilkinson #YA #Dystopian

Series: Silver Blackthorn # 2
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Source: Publisher
Format: Hardcover, 368 pages
Genre: YA, Dystopian

Silver Blackthorn is a fugitive from the law.
Silver Blackthorn has committed treason.
She is dangerous. Do NOT approach her.
A large reward is on offer. Report any sightings to your nearest Kingsman.
Long live the King.

Silver Blackthorn is on the run. She fled Windsor Castle with eleven other teenagers, taking with her something far more valuable than even she realises: knowledge.

With the entire country searching for the missing Offerings, Silver must keep them all from the vicious clutches of King Victor and the Minister Prime. Until now, no one has escaped the king and lived to tell the tale.

Or have they?

With expectations weighing heavily on the girl with the silver streak in her hair, will she ever find her way home?

Renegade is the second installment in the Silver Blackthorn series picking up right where Reckoning left off. Silver Blackthorn and her friends, Imrin, Jela, Hart, Faith, and Pietra are fugitives from the law after escaping Windsor Castle. At said castle, they were considered to be "Offerings" by the tyrannical King of England who used them for his folly and games. Silver, the apparent leader of the group, is wanted for treason after knocking out the king. She has been labeled as dangerous, and has a huge reward marked for her capture dead or alive.

Silver leads her group across England looking for a rebel group that is supposed to be working to take down the King and all his evil followers. But, don't expect this story to be all happiness and smiles. Lives are at stake. Loyalties will be tested, and people will die. It's just a matter of time before Silver must make some life or death choices. What you can expect is a rather emotion reunion with families, and the return of Opie Cotton as one of Silver's allies. Where does that leave her romance wit Imrin? No idea.

I almost always go into a sequel with pensive excitement and nervousness. More often than not, I've been let down by an author diving off the cliff, instead of staying on course. I look forward to seeing if a lead character grows with each book, and am usually disappointed when they lack any desire, or drive. Silver Blackthorn is a character who has grown up to be a leader of a group of friends, and companions who have faced so many difficult challenges. The challenges only get more difficult in Renegade when they are forced to escape the King's Tower, and return to Windsor Castle. I found myself emotionally invested in this story. I love Faith. She's become as strong, or stronger a character than Silver.

I love that Silver is a technology geek. It's definitely a slap to those misogynistic assholes who claim that women don't belong in this arena. How utterly wrong you are. I love that readers will get a chance to see a few characters reunite with their families. Some are emotional, others are devastating. I love that Silver's group of companions give her the responsibility of leading the group to the rebels, and trust her with their lives. I loved Silvers mom, and brother, and even Opie's brothers.

Obviously I don't need to say that there is a third book called Resurgence that I am definitely eager to read. I am eager to see how Wilkinson further challenges Silver to be the best she can be, while sticking a Katana blade in the eyes of all of her enemies. I look forward to the final showdown between Silver's group and the King and his Kingsmen may they rot in a fiery hell.

**I received this book for free from St. Martin's Griffin in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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