Friday, October 2, 2015

#Friday Review - Enchanted Revenge by Theresa M. Jones (Young Adult, Fantasy)

Series: Empyrean Chronicles # 1
Format: E-Galley, 400 pages
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Luftmensch Press
Source: Author
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

When seventeen year old Lily finds her parents brutally murdered, leaving her broken and alone, she is determined to bring justice to the fairies responsible. 

Her quest leads her to infiltrate The Empyrean, the land of the Fae where terrifying creatures lurk in every shadow. But with a political rebellion mounting, bloody battles and foreign enemies stand in her way. Alec, a mysterious fairy keeping his own secrets, gradually becomes her guide and dear friend in the unfamiliar world, and restores her faith in love.

Disturbing secrets about her parent’s true identity are revealed, causing her to be more involved with the devastating fairy war than she can afford. Her vengeful mission becomes compromised and her growing romance with Alec wavers. 

She must conquer her fear of the unknown, ignore her grief, and overcome her growing list of enemies if she is to succeed in avenging her parents’ death. Or ever make it out alive. 

It is a YOUNG ADULT urban fantasy, and has some mild sensuality and language.

Enchanted Revenge is the first of four planned books in the Empyrean Chronicles series by author/blogger Theresa M. Jones. The series features Lily, a pretty normal high school teenager who just happens to have white/blonde hair, orange eyes, and a small stature. Things change when she comes home and discovers that her parents have been brutally murdered by unknown killers. Things really wind up when Alec, a Sylph Realm Guard who is supposed to protect the human realm, senses a large release of magic, and offers a different view on who Lily really is. 

Lily is determined to see revenge bestowed on those who murdered her parents but obviously can't do it by herself even though she talks a good game. She and Alec travel from Kansas, via Texas, to Empyrean, the Fairy homeland, where she hopes to track down the killers, and exhort her own form or justice. Empyrean is a place where four species of Fae call home; Sylphs, Sprites, Nymphs, and Pixies. Fae are not immortal, but they are capable of living really long lives. They can also be killed with magic. Each species of Fae lives in a different part of Empyrean under the rule of megalomaniac King Mastich who demands that all Fae donate magic monthly to the cause. Mastich is said to be responsible for the disappearance of the previous King and Queen who were very popular.

Alec is a really good teacher, and probably the best support mechanism a person can hope for. He's very patient, kind, and supportive of Lily's questions and naivity about who and what she is. He guides Lily along the way while discovering that there is a rebellion brewing against the King. Alec also has a really dark secret that he ends up sharing with Lily. Kind of makes him even more likable knowing about his past, and what he had to deal with. Lily and Alex do find some help along the way, but also find that they need to be wary about who they trust. You never know who might pop up and try to kill you. 

The closer Lily gets to her seventeenth birthday, the hope is that she will come into her powers which means she will have wings like Alec. But, the most important part of this story is finding the mercenaries who killed her parents, discovering who her parents really were (SHOCKER!) and who sent the mercenaries to kill them. There is a pretty dark scene after Lily makes a huge blunder and ends up paying for it. Thankfully, the author didn't go to far with the brutality or suffering she faced. What's more, is that the author doesn't try to twist another character into a love triangle. I love Alex and Lily's romance just the way it is.  

**I received this book for free from Theresa M. Jones (author) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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    1. You're very welcome! Looking forward to book # 2!