Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#Tuesday Review - Alien in Chief by Gini Koch (Science Fiction)

Series: Katherine "Kitty" Katt # 12
Format: Paperback, 540 pages
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: DAW
Source: Publisher
Genre: Science Fiction

The Mastermind has upped his game . . .

As Kitty can tell you, it's not easy being the wife of the vice president - especially not when he's an alien from the Alpha Centauri system. And being a parent of preternaturally talented children, don't even go there. But she and her A-C husband, Jeff, have learned how to roll with whatever life and the bad guys throw at them - they think.

Kitty & Company have been savoring a few months of quiet since they got back from Beta Eight. But suddenly their peace is shattered by the arrival of a mysterious female assassin - who might be Jeff's missing niece, Stephanie. And that's just the beginning of the fun.

When the Alpha Centauri Planetary Council requests a visit with the president and vice president, things look politically dicey. When the most dangerous prisoners in the most secure supermax prison escape with ease, things look bad. But when the Mastermind releases a virus that kills people in a week, things go to Defcon Worse fast.

Now it's up to Kitty to save everyone important in the U.S. government - including her mother, her husband, and herself - before the virus spreads through the rest of the country, and then the world. Plus she's facing invisible attackers, crazed assassins, a teenager in hiding, the most dangerous train ride ever, the disappearance of her beloved flyboys, and a mysterious alien who could be an enemy or the ally she needs.

and this time, the Mastermind's made it very personal. Either he's going down . . . or Kitty is.

Alien in Chief is the Twelfth installment in Gini Koch's Katherine "Kitty" Katt series. This is the episode I have been waiting patiently for since the unmasking of the Mastermind in the previous installment called Alien Separation. For Kitty and her allies, it is hard to keep a secret knowing that your nemesis is close to your inner circle. What's worse is that the mastermind is as devious and nasty as he is brilliant to the point where he is always one step ahead of Kitty and her allies. 

In the six years since Kitty was exposed to the reality that aliens from the Alpha Centauri system live on this planet, she has become an alien busting kick ass heroine with plenty of snark and the ability to take on anything that comes her way while listening to a plethora of songs. Kitty is so underrated that even her allies sometimes are confused by the things she comes up with to thwart the members of the league of villains. 

Alien in Chief is a fun ride that pushes the series into the next chapter. For readers who may be hesitant about reading this series, let me calm your fears. If you are a reader looking for plenty of action, you have it. If you are looking for sexy romance, you have it. If you are looking for a variety of villains, unexpected guests from the Planetary Council, a virus that leaves the government in disarray, a fight scene that takes place on a train, invisible enemies, covers that are so awesome that they bring out the best scene of the book, and a heroine who refuses to leave anyone behind, you have it. Need I say more?

I love that this book actually takes place a few months after Alien Separation. To me, it's more realistic to give the characters a bit of down time before jumping back into the fire. I love that Koch adds yet another fun character in Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jackson who has her hands full with her own troubles. I'm a bit nervous about the friends and colleagues that went missing or were killed over the course of the story. These characters are/were too important to be disregarded or ignored. I am a bit curious as to how the story will continue from here now that the truth is out in the world and Jeff and Kitty have moved into a new "house."

Guess we shall see in May when Camp Alien releases.

**I received this book for free from (Publisher) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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