Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#Tuesday Review - Silverthorn by Sydney Bristow (Urban Fantasy)

Series: Echoes of Eternity # 2
Format: Mobi, 274 pages
Release Date: February 9, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Source: Author
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Serena Sykes will need to gain control of her latest supernatural ability now that Darius Coyne, the last remaining master vampire will stop at nothing to kill her, so he can rule the world beside the love of his life, the ancient sorceress, Zephora. 

And if they don’t destroy Serena, the tight-knit group of friends who fight alongside her might do it for them. Her tortured romantic relationship with Nolan, who takes away more from Serena than just pleasure each time they touch, may be more inclined to help Darius than he’s letting on. And her identical twin sister, Alexis, and her niece, Celestina, take turns playing both willing ally and potential enemy. 

In a race against time, Serena must vanquish the enemies that attack her at every turn and fight to keep her friends alive, sane, and on good terms, while also trying to locate the mythic Book of Souls…if she hopes to defeat the ultimate power couple.

Silverthorn is the second installment in the Echoes of Eternity series by author Sydney Bristow. Silverthorn picks up right where Nightwish left off. It's only been a short time since 21-year old protagonist Serena Sykes discovered that not only is she a witch, but she also has a twin sister Alexis, and a niece, Celestina, who might be the most powerful witch in history. Since then, she's broken a major curse, and unleashed an even more powerful witch, and the creator of all supernaturals from her sleep. That being Zephora. She now has even bigger problems in the form of a master vampire named Darius Coyne who wants her dead.

Serena has some growing to do but that is to be expected. After-all, she was kept ignorant of what she really was by her Grams. Now that Grams Lorraine has passed on, Serena has to come to terms with the fact that she has THREE separate magical abilities. The ability to wield fire, and the ability to astral project while she is sleeping. In Silverthorn, readers will discover the final power Serena can wield, and yes, it makes a whole lot of difference. In fact, it puts her on par with her more powerful and trained sister Alexis. Serena has made more than her fair share of errors in judgement, but when you look deeper at the fact that she was never trained, and has been treated like an outcast ever since her powers awakened, you can understand why and even cut her some slack. 

Let's really talk about Serena. She's the lead singer of a band called Salem's Curse along with her best friends Brandon and Kendall who get their fair share of difficulties and challenges, especially Kendall. She discovered the Soul Sword that different factions of supernatural want badly since it can quickly and efficiently cut down any supernaturals. She now has a new band-mate who is half-demon and has some issues with his own powers. She knows that if Alexis or Celestina die, it will unleash hell onto the world. What's a girl to do? Try to keep her friends from getting dead, that's what she does.

I do love Serena's connect with Celestina who is just scary powerful. I think that Celestina will eventually have a bigger role to play, and whether or not it is for good, or evil shall remain an unknown. I dare say that I was chuckling at several scenes in Silverthorn. No, nothing bad. In fact, it definitely reminded me of the movie Queen of the Damned. If you've seen the movie, and the concert in the desert, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I can honestly say that they were my favorite scenes outside of Serena trying to survive being killed by Darius's evil schemes. 

Sydney kindly offered me a copy of this book to read and offer my honest opinion, an obviously I accepted. I will definitely we waiting for the third installment called Bloodstone, when it releases over the summer. 

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  1. This Serena chick sounds like her character is developing in a realistic ways magic and all. And I hated QotD movie, I erased it from my memory lol.