Friday, April 8, 2016

#Review - Born To Be Wilde by Jenn Stark (Urban Fantasy)

Series: Immortal Vegas, # 3
Format: Kindle, 255 pages
Release Date: February 23, 2016
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Source: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy

The past has a way of catching up with you.
If there's one thing that Tarot-reading magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde has never been able to track down, it's the truth about her own past. But now a powerful new threat to the psychic community will take Sara back to where it all began: the last job she worked with Officer Brody Rooks as "Psychic Teen Sariah," the job that destroyed her life and sent her on the run. Because the enemy she fled all those years ago has returned... with a posse of demons as his personal entourage.

Worse, Sara's infuriating mentor, the dangerously seductive Magician, is pushing her to stretch her abilities and explore the very deepest reaches of her magic. But every demand draws her further into the spell he's weaving around her. And every challenge tests her vow to keep him at arm's length.

From the glittering chaos of Las Vegas to the Lost City of Atlantis, Sara must risk everything in a quest for vengeance that grows darker and more twisted with every step. To succeed she'll have to face the truth about her past, her abilities...and the impossible, unstoppable attraction she has to the Magician. A truth that will reveal her ultimate role in the war on magic.

Life is full of surprises when you are Born to Be Wilde. 

Born To Be Wilde is the THIRD installment in author Jenn Stark's Immortal Vegas series. Protagonist Sara Wilde is a tarot card user who hunts powerful artifacts as well as people for the Arcana Council lead by Magician Armaeus Bertrand. Armaeus, while teasing and tempting her mind and body, has sent Sara around the globe collecting artifacts that are considered dangerous. Sara's journey's have been anything but simplistic in nature.  

This time out, Sara's journey takes her from Germany where she encounters Valkyries and her own personal nemesis Nigel Friedman, to Las Vegas where things haven't been the same since Wilde Card, and later to Atlantis using her own ability to teleport herself there and back. Yes, that Atlantis where things are dark. Where Angels and Demons watch over the city. Where Sara is expected to find weapons to defeat the new supervillain from Sara's past who may be responsible for Sara's misfortunes. 

The most interesting aspect of this entire story is Sara's past. Someone has taken great pains to ensure that he catches her attention and sets out to complete a mission that she put behind her when she left Memphis TEN years ago. Sara's past has hung over this series like a mystery just waiting to jump out and say SURPRISE! Her relationship with Detective Brody Rooks goes back to the time when Sara was known as Teen Psychic Sariah Pelter.

I was happy to see that Stark revealed more than enough tidbits about Sara and her heritage to keep me as a reader happy as a clam at high tide. As a character, Sara has just scratched the surface in what she is capable of. Fans of this series will be pleasantly surprised by the movement of things between Sara and Armaeus. Especially after what happened in the previous novel. I've known that they are like fire and gasoline sometimes, but I believe the romance may end up saving both of them in the end. 

The one thing that you can be sure of with Jenn Stark's story, is that the books are connected to each other and you really shouldn't miss anyone of them. If you do, you will find that some really interesting revelations, surprises, and perhaps a better understanding of how powerful Sara has become since working for the Council and helping save Vegas from the maniacal organization called Sanctus have grown by leaps and bounds. 

I am really happy to hear that Stark is writing a fourth novel in this series called Wicked and Wilde. The book is apparently releasing May 2016. I jumped this book in front of a whole lot of others because I love Sara and her desire to save as many connected kids as possible. I love Sara's friendship with Nikki Dawes, and even The Devil Alexsander Kreios. I do hope that Sara and Brody can sit down soon and smooth things over. They worked well in the past before Sara had to run in order to save herself.  

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