Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#Review - Trust Me by Romily Bernard (Young Adult, Thriller)

Series: Find Me # 3
Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
Release Date: March 22, 2016
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller

“Trust me.”

Wick Tate’s never heard these words so much in her life. And with all her secrets, who can she really trust?

There’s Milo, her new hacker boyfriend, who’s keeping a dark secret of his own. Griff, the ex who’s always had her best interests at heart but who mostly wants to stay out of Wick’s mess. There’s Looking Glass, an organization that can supposedly offer Wick protection…and a future.

And then there’s her family. They should be easy to trust, right? Not if you’re Wick. Not when “family” means so many different things, including a criminal father who may not stay locked up for long.

Wick is used to relying on herself…and only herself. But she’s going to have to learn to trust someone if she’s going to finally escape her demons...

"Sometimes you make the choices, and sometimes the choices makes you."

Trust Me, by author Romily Bernard, is the third and final installment in the Find Me trilogy featuring hacker extraordinaire Wicket (Wick) Tate. Wick used to run a business tracking down cheaters for money, now she has to worry about keeping herself out of prison and staying alive. After Agent Hart gave Wick information on how her mother really died, Wick found herself tracking down her killer and making sure he got what was coming for him. Yet, she still doesn't really trust anyone and the way things have gone, nobody can really blame her.

"Once you prove yourself useful to the wrong kind of person you're never free."

Wick is getting used to being directly in the line of fire, and not trusting anyone, except perhaps her sister Lily. Wick was raised by a man who had his hands into everything. Her upbringing was far from what you would call ideal. In fact, I dare call it an abusive parental relationship that Wick and Lily somehow managed to survive. Even though he is now in prison, he still finds ways of making Wick's life unpleasant. On top of that, Wick was blackmailed into working for Detective Carson, and now finds that Hart is more than able to pull the strings that make Wick dance to a different beat other than her own. 

At the beginning of this story, Agent Hart offers Wick a job at a company called Looking Glass. The job is supposed to do several things. 1) Keep her safe. 2) She will be able to go to school and play on the computer all day long. 3) It is supposed to help her deal with her issues, her emotions, while also gaining experience, and enough experience for a resume that any one looking for a brilliant computer programmer will call on her. But, the old adage of things are too good to be true are just that. Her therapist seems to be in charge of the company. Her supposed boyfriend somehow manages to wander in suddenly, and Alex, her roommate who has her own secrets to keep that may end up catching Wick in the crosshairs. 

Looking Glass is a place where those who have been chosen, like Wick, have different specialties that the company is highly dependent on. They are skilled at hacking government encryption, use of malware to gain access to secure computers, and corporate espionage. The one thing you can definitely count on when it comes to Wick, is her curiosity. Sometimes curiosity can kill the cat. Sometimes curiosity will unlock details that are gut wrenching.

Can we please talk about the romance angle? Thank you. I am feeling nonchalant about Wick's relationship with Milo. There was just something about him that never once sat well with me. While he does somehow make up for his lacking, he's still not my favorite. I know she's had her issues with Griff, but they had similar backgrounds and experiences, and he did try his hardest to help her, especially in this book.

I can almost guess how a book is going to end these days. Thankfully, Bernard shocked me with how she wrapped up the series. The choices that where made by Wick, was really brave and extraordinary. I liked that this book is fast pace. It has action that will keep you focused on the story, and an ending that will twist you into several emotions. 

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