Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#Wednesday Review - To Kill A Kettle Witch by Barb Hendee (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

Series: The Mist-Torn Witches # 4
Format: Paperback, 336 pages
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Publisher: ROC
Source: Publisher
Genre: Sci-Fiction, Epic Fantasy

National bestselling author Barb Hendee returns to the world of the Mist-Torn witches, as two sisters who can see the secrets of the past and the mysteries of the future begin a quest to save the family they never knew existed.…

Powerful prince Malcolm is facing ruin in the wake of a curse that has destroyed his harvest. He blames the band nomadic Móndyalítko who summer in the meadow below his castle—and he is determined to root out the people who caused the blight by any means necessary.

When Céline and Amelie Fawe, descended from the Móndyalítko, learn that their mother’s people are under suspicion of sabotage and treason, they set out to use their magical gifts to save their estranged relatives and learn about their own origins.

Now it’s up to the sisters—along with their motley escort, including a prince’s lieutenant, a shape-shifter, and an old woman with a murky past—to discover the source of the curse to restore life to the ravaged land and protect the innocent from unfair vengeance.

To Kill A Kettle Witch, is the fourth installment in The Mist-Torn Witches by author Barb Hendee. This is a series that is set in the world of the Noble Dead Saga. Does that mean you have had to read the Noble Dead first? Nope. It just means that similarities can be found. Especially since most of this series is set in what is the country of Droevinka.

In has been a year since Sisters Céline and Amelie Fawe left their former home under a dictator and found a new home under Prince Anton. Since then, the sisters have found a safe place where someone who actually respects them, and doesn't treat them like dirt under his toes. They have accepted Anton's call to use their skills to help others and solve mysteries three times now. This is their fourth mystery to solve.

Céline is able to see into a persons future, while Amelie is able to see the past. The sisters, who are descended from a group known as the Móndyalítko, (or the world's little people/travelers), find themselves once again accepting a call for help. This time to Yegor, where Prince Malcolm has a serious issue. His crops have been cursed, his economy is about to tank, and he blames the Móndyalítko who have made his land their summer home for years.

The same Móndyalítko who are Céline and Amelie's people on their mother's side who they've never met thanks to their mother's passing. Thanks to the foresight from Helga, another Móndyalítko who can tell when something is happening right now, the sisters, plus Lieutenant Kirell Jaromir and Mason, who they met in Witches in Red, set off to uncover the source of the curse.

Let's stop there for a moment because I would be remiss by saying the so called villain of the story is truly bad. That, my friends, is the furthest from the truth. In fact, I dare say that I felt nothing but empathy and a desire to kick the shit out of Malcolm's ass instead. This is also a story that could have been a bit better, but I'll not run away kicking and screaming. There is a lot of looking back at the past by different characters which took up chunks of the story. 

I loved that the sisters were finally able to meet others from their heritage. I loved that the sisters met their aunt Sinead, and other family members who they didn't know existed thanks to their own mother. I loved that Amelie and Jaromir may have put an end to their angst and dancing the two steps around each other to bed. But, I kind of felt for Mason. It's more than obvious he cares for Céline who may or may not have the same feelings for Anton but can't exactly do much about them. 

So, overall this story is a B on my rating scale. I really would like Anton to trust the sisters a bit more when things come up they can help with rather than only going places where he suggests. I would love for Anton to either sit or get off the pot when it comes to Céline. Either way, Céline deserves the chance to feel the same thing that Amelie is currently feeling.

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