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#Monday Review - Boundary Lines by @MelissaFOlson (Urban Fantasy) #47North

Series: Boundary Magic #2
Format: E-Galley, 292 pages
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: 47North
Source: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Fitting into the Old World isn’t going very well for Boulder boundary witch Allison “Lex” Luther: she may have earned a place in a vampire’s service, but now it seems as if every supernatural creature in town has found a reason to hate her. And when Lex and her partner are assigned to investigate the suspicious disappearance of two vampires during the night of the full moon, they find themselves with more questions than answers.
Was it murder…or mutiny?
The crusade for answers will lead Lex all over the Colorado Old World, from a prison cell for a broken werewolf to a haunted Denver brothel. And when Lex determines the responsible party, the hunt is just beginning: something has been awakened in Boulder, something as old and powerful as it is terrifying. Only the woman with death in her blood can stop what’s coming.

Boundary Lines is the second installment in Melissa F. Olson's Boundary Magic series. US Army Veteran Allison "Lex" Luther has had to make a few life style changes over the last month. Especially after keeping two vampires from kidnapping her twin sisters little girl Charlie, who is a powerful Null, and then learning that she is a Boundary Witch after surviving the encounter. Boundary Witches, as we've learned, are one of the more dangerous witches in existence. A fact that really doesn't make Lex any friends with the local coven. Witches like Lex have been accused of unspeakable crimes including child sacrifices, killing people with their minds, and raising the dead. 

Lex made a deal with Maven, the Cardinal Vampire of Colorado, to work for her while Maven makes sure Charlie stays safe until she reaches adulthood. Lex now works on solving tricky issues with her new partner/investigator, and former cop Quinn. Quinn who is also a reluctant vampire. Lex is still holding a bit of a grudge towards the "Old World." After all, they were responsible for Sara's brutal death in LA which you can read more about by picking up Malediction: An Old World story. But, in a world where witches, vampires, and werewolves have a tricky truce in place, and magic is feeling out of balance. Lex must do what Maven asks of her or lose any hope of seeing Charlie reach adulthood. 

Lex has some interesting friends as well. They are Simon and Lily of Clan Pellar.  Simon, the science geek, and Lily, the flighty one who gave Lex her first tattoos to help guide her magic. They have each tried to teach Lex about her new status as a witch, and have become her sidekicks in solving some twisted mysteries while making Lex not feel as though she is totally reliant on Vampires. Olson does a fairly impressive job of keeping the mystery close to her chest right until the very end. Had I not been introduced to the villain in a spur of the moment meeting with Lily, I would have been totally wrong.

I like that Lex has become a more aware character of her abilities, and her place in Old World. I like the friendship between Lex, Lily, and Simon. I like that they don't make her feel as though she made a big mistake by aligning herself with Maven and her vampires especially since things haven't exactly settled down. I like Lex and Quinn as partners, and I guess they will eventually be more than just that. I liked the addition of boundary witch Nellie Evans who I think is going to be a useful mentor for Lex in future installments. I like that Olson doesn't skim over the fact that Lex is a veteran with some issues that still present themselves in dark times.

For those who have read Olson's Scarlett Bernard's series, this is really the same world, but in different locations. Lex lives and works in Colorado, while Scarlett makes her home in LA.

Up next: Boundary Born

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