Friday, August 12, 2016

#Saturday Review - Deep Roots by Beth Cato (Steampunk, Science Fiction)

Series: Clockwork Dagger Omnibus
Format: E-Galley, 208 pages
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Source: Publisher
Genre: Steampunk, Science Fiction

Octavia Leander, a young healer with incredible powers, has found her place among Miss Percival’s medicians-in-training. Called to the front lines of war, the two women must uncover the source of a devastating illness that is killing thousands of soldiers.
After being rescued from the slums of Caskentia, Rivka Stout is adjusting to her new life in Tamarania. But when Rivka stumbles into a laboratory run by the powerful Balthazar Cody, she also discovers a sinister plot involving chimera gremlins and the violent Arena game Warriors.

Captain Hue hoped he was rid of his troubles once Octavia Leander and Alonzo Garrett disembarked from his airship, but then the Argus is commandeered by a Clockwork Dagger and forced on a deadly mission. Hue must lead a mutiny that might bring down his own ship…. perhaps for good.

Deep Roots, by author Beth Cato, is a compilation of three short stories from the Clockwork Dagger duology. All three stories take place in the same world. 

The Deepest Poison 

The Deepest Poison is a short (48 pages) prequel novella to The Clockwork Dagger. The story is told from the POV of THE Miss Percival of the renowned Miss Percival’s medician academy where Octavia spent 10 years being trained and not exactly making any friends. We see who Octavia really is through Miss Percival's eyes. This story is straight up. Someone apparently poisoned a water source leaving soldiers at the hands of Percival's healers to attend to. 

Octavia herself has an extraordinary connection with the mystical force known as the Lady, and Miss Percival doesn't care for that at all. Nope. In fact, she he allows her own jealously to cloud her judgement and sends Octavia away which you can read about in The Clockwork Dagger. Perhaps one would do best to read the Clockwork Dagger first before reading The Deepest Poison. That way, you will actually understand why this story makes so much sense and why Octavia really is an important character with some really amazing abilities. 


Wings of Sorrow and Bone is a 96 page novella. It has been TWO months since Rivka Stout was rescued from the slums of Caskentia by one Octavia Leander where she was running a bakery. She finds herself in an unusual place, living in Tamarania, where with her deformity, she is smeared at, and looked down at. The one thing that Rivka has going for her is that she is an incredible mechanist who can fix almost anything. She just needs a break. 

Her Grandmother is Mrs Viola Stout who readers met in The Clockwork Dagger. She is the owner of a publisher company and wants only what's best for Rivka after a horrible childhood. This story also includes Tatiana Garret, the sister of Clockwork Dagger Alonzo Garret who sacrificed his position in order to protect Octavia. And, Balthazar Cody who has an arena that is used for Gremlin fighting. While Tatiana wants to become a Gremlin pilot, Rivka decides that she is going to make a change when it comes to how Gremlins are treated. 


Final Flight is a 48 page novella that takes place right after Octavia and Alonzo were onboard the air ship Argus. The story is from the eyes of the captain of the Argus, Hue Cuthbert. Cuthbert actually thought he was free and clear of dangerous adventures until his ship is once again commandeered and put in harms way by yet another Clockwork Dagger who is working for the Queen. With his son onboard, Captain and crew must make quick decisions before they all go down with the ship. I don't believe it is absolutely necessary to read the Clockwork Dagger in order to enjoy this story. These are character who were tertiary at best in the actual series, and are now getting a final farewell by the author.


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