Monday, November 21, 2016

#Review - The Killer Inside by Kerry Wilkinson #Mystery #Police Procedural @kerrywk @bookouture

Series: Jessica Daniel # 1
Format: Kindle, 261 pages
Release Date: September 9, 2016
Publisher: Bookouture
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural

You can lock the doors but the killer is already inside.

When the body of a woman is found in a locked house, Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is called in to investigate a seemingly impossible murder.

Faced with little in the way of leads and a journalist who seems to know more than she does, Jessica is under intense pressure to solve the case fast.

When a second body is discovered bearing the same hallmarks of the first victim, the investigation suddenly escalates. Jessica is on the hunt for a serial killer who will strike again. Can she get to him before the body count rises? And is she prepared to put her own life in terrible danger to catch the murderer? 

The Killer Inside is the first installment in author Kerry Wilkinson's Jessica Daniel series. Manchester PD Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is a newly promoted Sergeant after her own partner was stabbed. Jessica's story starts with a bizarre mystery. A woman is found murdered in her own home. The locks are intact. The windows are all closed. All of the keys have been accounted for. There are no clues, no DNA, nothing to indicate why the woman was murdered. Then there is a second murder, and a third. 

The press, led by Garry Ashford, has named the person responsible the Houdini Killer. The upper echelon of the Manchester Police is getting itchy to solve the crimes quickly. Especially when another division, Serious Crime Division, is set to take over the very public, and very brutal case. Jessica must work harder than she ever imagined, and maybe get a bit of luck so that she can stop the serial killer from killing yet another innocent person. What links the victims? Why were these victims specifically targeted? 

This series first released in the UK in 2013, and is now (10) books in as of this review. Now, it is being released in the US for the first time thanks to Bookouture. Author Kerry Wilkinson is not a new to me author. In fact, I rather liked the authors Silver Blackthorn series which was steeped in Dystopian lore.  Jessica is an easy enough character to understand. She even has realistic issues that affect real people, and not just fictional ones. She has some minor issues, like drinking a bit too much, and she's rather blunt and forceful to the point of being overly angry. Not a bone of contention for me. I like characters who are written realistic, and not cherry picked to be beautiful, and smart, and can't think without numerous men propping her up and slapping her  back every time she does something remarkable. I also liked the fact that she makes mistakes. Mistakes that could put her life, and her roommates life in jeopardy. 

Thanks to Bookouture for approving my request. As they say, I received this book in lieu of an honest review, and do hope that I have kept any and all spoilers out of my review. 

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