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#Review - Dare You by Jennifer Brown #YALit #Mystery @JenBrownBooks @KTegenBooks

Series: Nikki Kill # 2
Format: E-Galley, 480 pages
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Source: Edelweiss/Publisher 
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

In the second book of the suspenseful Shade Me trilogy, perfect for fans of Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars and Kimberly McCreight's The Outliers, Nikki Kill becomes embroiled in another mystery with the gorgeous Detective Martinez when she discovers that the Hollises are trying frame her for the murder of Peyton Hollis—and only her synesthesia can help her unravel the dark truth. 
Nikki Kill didn't realize that trying to find out who killed Peyton Hollis would tangle her in a web of dangerous family secrets that would rock her identity to the core. But now that Nikki knows the truth, the all-powerful Hollises want to frame her for Peyton's murder.
And now Nikki's only chance at escaping the cold black bars of prison or the crimson grip of death is teaming up with the enigmatic Detective Martinez and relying on an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of clues...

Dare You is the second installment in author Jennifer Brown's Nikki Kill series. It has been (7) months since the events of Shade Me. Soon to be 19-year old Nikki Kill has quietly stayed out of the spotlight, for the most part, since encountering Luna, Dru, Bill, & Vanessa Hollis that nearly killed her. With Luna in juvie, and her parents apparently hiding in Dubai, she is about to do what she never thought possible; graduate from High School. Then she attends a party and gets arrested for drug possession, and a variety of other charges. 

What's worse you ask? The DA gets an anonymous tip naming Nikki as the one responsible for Peyton Hollis's murder. She quickly ends up being pulled back into the world that has cost her so much and which will expect much more from her before it's all over. She needs to figure out a way to save herself from a lifetime in prison, and that means working with Detective Chris Martinez. The same Martinez who may be the only one who actually believes in her innocence, and the fact that someone is setting her up to take the fall. 

If you are newbie to this series, you should know more about who Nikki is, and why you should be reading this series. Nikki is a character who deals with a rare, but real life phenomenon known as Synesthesia. Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people's names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor. The word synesthesia literally means "joined perception."

It is her synesthesia that brought her to the attention of Peyton. It is her synesthesia that allows her to look at things in a way nobody else can, including the police. It was Peyton who sent Nikki on a very Veronica Mars like investigation that lead to the events of Shade Me. It is Peyton again who Nikki needs to look further into in order to clear her name, and stop those responsible for making her life a living hell. Even if that means digging up the past about her mother who has been dead for (10) years, or her father who continues to claim nothing is worth talking about.

I need to say something. If you hate cliffhangers, you're going to pull every single one of your hairs out over this one. I'm still in shock. What I did love: I loved the banter between Martinez and Nikki. I know there is certainly feelings between the two characters that has been left to explore, that is if the author doesn't do something bad. Please don't do something bad! Nikki is a hard character at times, and that is Ok. She's had 10 years to deal with loss, aggravation, and secrets that have come to light over the past two novels. I'd like to see an end to those who have brought so much pain and suffering into Nikki's life.

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