Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday #Review - Free Space (Evagardian #2) by Sean Danker #Science Fiction @AceRocBooks

Series: Evagardian # 2
Format: E-Galley, 320 page
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Ace Books
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Science Fiction / Military

In the follow-up to Admiral, the Admiral and others are kidnapped by criminals as peace talks approach that could end the intergalactic war for good.

The Admiral managed to escape an unknown and very dangerous planet, but the danger is far from over. He’s a man who knows too much, so the Empire must silence him at all costs. Barely surviving an assassination attempt, the Admiral reestablishes contact with Salmagard, a member of the Evagardian navy, and one of the one people who knows what he’s been through.

The Admiral and Salmagard take refuge in the lawless Free Trade system where there’s a thriving market built on galactic resentment for the Empire—only to discover that the system’s grievances extends to Evagardian’s citizens, making the Free Traders an even greater threat to their lives…

Story Locale: NA

Series Overview: The galactic war is over, but that doesn’t mean peace comes along with it. The Admiral navigates the system, never knowing who to trust, and with no one trusting him.

Free Space is the second installment in author Sean Danker's Evagardian series. The story once again dives into the life of a character who is being called Admiral by the author. The label was given to him while he and (3) others were abandoned on a dead ship on a planet filled with disasters just waiting to spring on them. Admiral had a helluva a time escaping with his life, but life isn't any easier this time out. What does change, a bit, is that we get more background information on how Admiral came to be. I do hope we get more in the next installment.

The Admiral knows things that others, most likely the Evagardians, would rather not get out. As the synopsis clearly states, he has survived more assassination attempts than anyone, and single-handedly brought two warring factions to the peace table. Which leads to some intriguing questions. So, as the story opens, and after the Admiral again faces another assassination attempt, this time with poison, we see another side to his character. It is his first date with Ensign Tessa Salmagard who is a trained negotiator, but really one of the characters who stood out in the Admiral, and once again in Free Space. 

There is something different about this story from the Admiral. There are actually (4) key players in this story. They are Admiral, Salmagard, Diana, and Sei who are both combat veterans. As the Admiral and Salmagard travel to Free Trade Space for what he hopes is a romantic time at Red Yonder, the group are kidnapped and separated. The men are sold to one faction, while the women find themselves in a place where they need to act fast if they are going to save Admiral and Sei. While the Admiral is good at certain things, it is Tessa and Diana that holds this story up for all to see. Diana is something science fiction aficionados will take an interest in.

As with the previous book, there are underlying reasons for everything that that this author does. With yet another stunning ending, readers will have to wait another year to figure out what happens next. Can the Admiral once again escape a bad situation? Will Tessa be able to help him, or will she face even more disciplinary actions? One way or the others, I am looking forward to yet another wild ride filled with action, adventure and plenty of surprises. Bring it on, Danker! 

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