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#Review - It Happened One Doomsday by @LMacNaughton @Pyr_Books

Series: Dru Jasper # 1
Format: Paperback, 280 pages
Release Date: July 12, 2016
Publisher: Pyr
Source: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Magic is real. A handful of sorcerers wield arcane power against demons and the forces of darkness. These protectors of the powerless are the best magic-users in the world. Unfortunately, Dru isn’t one of them. She’s got magical potential. She uses crystals to see enchantments, and she can research practically anything in the library in the back of her little store, sandwiched between a pawnshop and a 24-hour liquor mart. She sells enough crystals, incense, and magic charms to scrape by.

Everything changes the day a handsome mechanic pulls up in a possessed black muscle car, his eyes glowing red. Just being near Greyson raises Dru’s magical powers to dizzying heights. But he’s been cursed to transform into a demonic creature that could bring about a fiery doomsday. There’s only one chance to break Greyson’s curse—and it’s about to fall into Dru’s inexperienced hands….

Story Locale: Present-day Denver, around Dru’s home and crystal shop, in a world where sorcerers and magic lurk beneath everyday life, unbeknownst to most people

It Happened One Doomsday is the first installment in author Laurence McNaughton's Dru Jasper series. As a reader who literally reads hundreds of books each year, I am always looking for something new, something refreshing, something outside of the box, something that is action packed, has wonderful characters, and is loads of plenty of fun to read. It Happened One Doomsday is just that book. Meet protagonist Dru Jasper. Dru operates The Crystal Connection in Denver, Colorado. 

Dru has the ability to enhance the inherent spiritual powers of crystals, make them stronger, and more powerful. She isn't fond of believing that she has strong magical abilities. Dru yearns for normality. She has a dentist for a boyfriend, and is happy supporting the Denver Sorcerer community with their magical problems. Then things suddenly change with the arrival of Greyson Carter to her shop who complains about dark dreams. What's even stranger is that Dru has a connection to Greyson, and when he is around, her abilities actually amplify. 

Dru knows that there is definitely something wrong with Greyson and while experimenting with various crystals that are supposed to help him, she discovers that Greyson is a possessed by demon who may be one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The topper? He drives a car that has a mind of it's own called Hellbringer. If you've seen the movie Christine by Stephen King, please refer to it now. Turns out the other horsemen have been loosed on the world by a group called Harbingers, and it's up to Dru, and her sorcerer friend Rane to help put down the pending apocalypse. 

You want originality? How about not only are there four horsemen, but also four cars that are also demon possessed? You want creep factor? Try the mansion in the middle of the New Mexico desert where fantastic action scenes take place. You will love Rane. She has the ability to morph into whatever substance she is in contact at the time. Example: Steel, Iron, Wood, etc. You want a quirky relationship? Try Dru and Rane who states emphatically that Dru is her best friend forever and she is going to stick to her like glue no matter what happens. You want a hint of romance, but nothing so in your face? Dru and Greyson have a connection like I said. Whether or not it pans out is yet to be seen. There's really no negatives to this story. The world building is fairly simplistic because it takes place in the modern world setting of Denver. 

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