Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday #Review - The Hunt (Devil's Isle #3) by Chloe Neill #Urban #Fantasy

Series: Devil's Island # 2
Format: Paperback, 336 pages
Release Date: September 26, 2017
Publisher: Berkley Books
Source: Publisher
Genre: Fantasy / Urban

A parahuman goes from hunted to hunter in the explosive third installment of the postapocalyptic urban fantasy series from Chloe Neill, New York Times bestselling author of The Sight.
When the Veil fell seven years ago, a portal opened to the world beyond, and a paranormal war almost destroyed the city of New Orleans. Now, the city is locked down, and all paranormals who remained are locked up in the prison known as Devil’s Isle. It’s exactly where Claire Connolly will go if the authorities find out that she’s one of the rare humans who were touched by magic and lived.
When bounty hunter Liam Quinn discovered Claire’s secret, he should have turned her in. But instead, he helped her learn to control her power and introduced her to an underground group of paranormals and humans who hoped that they could be something other than enemies.
Together, Liam, Claire, and their allies saved the city from a dangerous cult, but now the weight of Liam’s own secrets have forced him to go into hiding. When a government agent is killed and Claire discovers Liam is the prime suspect, she races to find him before the Feds can. But she soon discovers that proving his innocence will be no simple matter.
Story Locale: New Orleans, LA
Series Overview: Claire Connolly struggles to control her magic powers before they consume her, all while battling the forces of darkness in this urban fantasy series set in New Orleans.

The Hunt, by author Chloe Neill, is the third installment in the authors Devil Island series. This is a series that is being called a Urban Fantasy / Post-Apocalyptic genre mash-up. The Hunt picks up 5 weeks after the surprising ending to The SightAs a summary, Claire Connolly, along with Liam Quinn, fought and helped win the battle of Devil's Isle while also exposing a radical magic hating group known as Reveillon. Claire should have been praised as a hero for saving the world and stopping Paras from entering her world. 

But, instead, there is a fairly high bounty out for her arrest for violating the Magic Act. Claire is a sensitive, or a human who was touched by magic that seeped in from the Beyond 7 years ago. Claire's abilities include telekinesis. But, she also has to worry about turning into a wraith if she uses too much magic. Claire and her ally Moses have spent the past 5 weeks sneaking around New Orleans gathering supplies, and working for the group known as Delta sending messages to Containment and others.

Claire's world has twisted and turned and gone in several different directions since meeting bounty hunter Liam Quinn. But, after getting hit by magic during the Devil's Isle battle, Liam decided to run away with his tail between his legs leaving Claire behind to deal with the aftermath. I wouldn't necessarily say that Claire is alone. She has Malachi who has tried to help her with her magic, she has Moses as her bounty partner, and she also has Gavin Quinn, Liam's brother. She's also found her father's stash of magical goods and is trying to deal with his refusal to tell Claire anything.

Things quickly change after Liam is named the number one suspect in the murder of a government agent Liam didn't exactly get along with. Now, both Claire and Liam are wanted for different things. But, who is setting up Liam for the fall? Can Claire avoid both hungry bounty hunters & Containment while she searches for answers?  There are so many curiosities in this story. From Claire and Liam's attempt at reconciliation while also attempting to clear his name. From Claire discovering the identity of someone she thought was dead. To finding out that her father kept so many secrets that it feels a bit like betrayal.

Without going any further, I will say that this is NOT the final book in the series. I will also say that the author is a cruel, cruel writer who did something that probably didn't need to be done. I will also say that I am looking forward to the fourth installment, especially since the author definitely upped her game for what Claire, Liam, and her allies not only have faced, but will face in the next installment as well.  

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